Goodbye Social Media.

  • Publikuar 13 Mar 2019
    Fletcher Beadon -

    How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain --
    The NBA's happiness crisis --

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  • Payton Hibberd
    Payton Hibberd 11 orë më parë

    Wait. then how did this end up on every social media platform

  • Aleksandrowski
    Aleksandrowski 12 orë më parë

    WOW. I just finished a 1 month SM detox - no msngr, fb, yt, ig - I get on YT for the first time and see this :) Great decision Casey - enjoy the ride. did it exactly for the same reasons. PS: I feel such a trendsetter doing sthing before Casey :D

  • Mr3nrico
    Mr3nrico 12 orë më parë

    Maybe the social media outage inspired him to make this video.

  • Deadline War460
    Deadline War460 12 orë më parë

    What pics are you looking at on insta???

  • seaport c
    seaport c 12 orë më parë

    "Smart phone" for the Smart peoople to make money out of stupid people

  • seaport c
    seaport c 12 orë më parë

    "Smart phone" for the Smart peoople to make money out of stupid people

  • powerftkt810Aerial
    powerftkt810Aerial 13 orë më parë

    where did you get your sweater

  • Eason Zheng
    Eason Zheng 13 orë më parë

    Hi Casey,i'm your huge fan in China,we are a factory which produce stud finder,can i send you some products for a review?

  • Nylo
    Nylo 13 orë më parë

    People need to understand that social media is the most asocial thing there is. Good start though, Casey. Now go one step further and delete your accounts. You will realize that you don't need them.

  • _ iqnh
    _ iqnh 14 orë më parë

    If each of us quits ALclip, then...???

  • Matt Haide
    Matt Haide 14 orë më parë


  • السقاف فون sajafFon
    السقاف فون sajafFon 14 orë më parë

    i miss you

  • TheMias24
    TheMias24 14 orë më parë

    Could somebody please link the intro/outro song? Really liking it and couldn't find it on my own

  • Tim Chuklanov
    Tim Chuklanov 14 orë më parë

    Delete everything and get reddit. You can thank me later

  • Jane Paulhutson
    Jane Paulhutson 15 orë më parë

    Lol i never installed these apps...saw trouble.

  • asher albert
    asher albert 15 orë më parë

    Very worthy video

  • StaidArcher 2198
    StaidArcher 2198 15 orë më parë

    But didn't you creat a social media platform???

  • Stephen Beyer
    Stephen Beyer 15 orë më parë

    Thanks so much for this video. No exaggeration, I feel like 90% of our society has the same destructive behavior.

  • ryancaseydotcom
    ryancaseydotcom 16 orë më parë

    Meanwhile we spend all day on YT watching your vids lol

  • Danial Iman
    Danial Iman 16 orë më parë

    Omh havent watch the vlogs in a few months and wow Francine is already 4 years old i remember watching a year before Francine was born

  • Maddy Wade Films
    Maddy Wade Films 16 orë më parë

    I’ll join you brother

  • showgirls around the world a dancer family

    I have Twitter too and now I look at it about once a year because it has not made me any money

  • showgirls around the world a dancer family

    Snap chat is real junk

  • showgirls around the world a dancer family

    No more facebook too much negativity, I rarely mess with Instagram because I have never made money with it after all that work...just my you tube channels and websites

  • zeke II
    zeke II 17 orë më parë

    Love how at 8:30 Casey said it was 8:30 and I hope the other guy at 8:30 makes it to wherever he's going on time.

  • James Baron
    James Baron 17 orë më parë

    I don't think it's too bad. Fragment time management that is.

  • Sanak Pal
    Sanak Pal 17 orë më parë

    You do not have facebook???

  • Jim Taihape
    Jim Taihape 18 orë më parë

    wow, someone who makes his living through social media, makes money through complaining about too much social media in his life.

  • Sweetlambs
    Sweetlambs 18 orë më parë

    Casey your sunglasses are soo reflective it feels like i have to keep staring at them. It’s a little distracting.

  • Simon Gough
    Simon Gough 18 orë më parë

    My weekly report was 11 hours on IG

  • OneMeanArtist
    OneMeanArtist 18 orë më parë

    8:38 Sorry, but if you're still checking your phone every 20 seconds you haven't given up your addiction...

  • Doug Davis
    Doug Davis 19 orë më parë

    It's hard for me to remove Instagram cause it's there so that I can advertise my work. But I turn notifications off so that I don't constantly look at it.
    Social media has brought so much anxiety in my life. It stops me in my tracks daily. Shuts off my mindset of wanting to do anything cause everyone is always better when you're scrolling. Lastly it always has me searching for something that isn't there, something that is supposed to make me happier. I've scrolled and haven't found it.
    Anyway, I miss the days of having to be at home to see myspace posts. Lol life was better

  • Dali Salvador
    Dali Salvador 19 orë më parë


  • Daniil Oxyuk
    Daniil Oxyuk 19 orë më parë

    Hey Casey!

  • Christine
    Christine 19 orë më parë

    NICE 👍🏼

    DAZZLE BY NATURE 19 orë më parë +1

    I love what you do man when are we etting first class flights videos back the old ones are awesome

  • 1339/0311
    1339/0311 20 orë më parë

    It would be a better world if Social Media didn't exist.....

  • Dennis Downes
    Dennis Downes 20 orë më parë

    Stay Strong Brother!!-DD

  • The Modern Country Boy
    The Modern Country Boy 20 orë më parë +2

    “Casey Neistat challenge” I can see this already!

  • KidSemplice
    KidSemplice 20 orë më parë

    I quit instagram, Twitter and Facebook last month and it’s been amazing every morning, I’m more productive now and I think I’m ready to make sum goofy ass cinematic videos again. Quit and you’ll realize and appreciate things more often that you haven’t yet🤙🏼

  • j. crutch
    j. crutch 21 orë më parë

    Not trying to plug this book. Just found it helpful. Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. Not the best book in the world, but makes good observations and says things clearly.

  • Super Met
    Super Met 21 orë më parë

    another awesome video! You're the reason why I started YouTubing but I am a boring car nut! So if you ever fancy driving some mad cars, somewhere cool, let me know!

  • Rutger
    Rutger 22 orë më parë

    What car was Candice driving at the start?

  • True Gamer191x1
    True Gamer191x1 22 orë më parë

    Is that the 🐐 Candace

  • liam feath
    liam feath 22 orë më parë

    But doesn’t Casey have no ‘free time’ considered within his daily schedule?

  • Gandolf
    Gandolf 22 orë më parë

    so brave

  • Andres Lam
    Andres Lam 22 orë më parë

    I'll definitely try this

  • C.S. Wolf
    C.S. Wolf 23 orë më parë

    Yep I know exactly how this is. Once in a while I get irritated at Twitter or something on facebook and I just shut them all down for a week. It is amazing but yes it's crazy the power these things have.

  • Jeterang !
    Jeterang ! 23 orë më parë

    get augmented reality glasses you can view social media while chatting

  • Mind. Art. Creativity.
    Mind. Art. Creativity. 23 orë më parë

    I use YT and Insta but I don't have and don't want a data plan for my phone, so that limits my usage to home or places with free wifi.

  • Arvid Schmiedehausen
    Arvid Schmiedehausen 23 orë më parë

    I am so glad to see that even those people who seem to be super productive have the same issues like me...

  • Dom Jones
    Dom Jones 23 orë më parë +1


  • makeitsupersized
    makeitsupersized Ditë më parë

    Even if you are wearing glasses people can still read you.

  • Flash Vlog 21
    Flash Vlog 21 Ditë më parë

    So you don't do ALclip anymore

  • Franciscus Giovanni Maria Frijlink

    I get now why he has to wake up at 4 AM. Either wise he gets no work done at all wasting 6 hours on his phone per day haha

  • Paddy Alex
    Paddy Alex Ditë më parë

    I love this

  • rosu adrian
    rosu adrian Ditë më parë

    you finally realised it man. Congratulations! JUST enjoy your life and reinvent is already getting old and boring;) my opinion.

  • Barry Walton
    Barry Walton Ditë më parë

    I’m joining you!

  • Adventures with Jillian
    Adventures with Jillian Ditë më parë

    Did the person running at 8:31 make their flight????

  • Digital Hole
    Digital Hole Ditë më parë

    I have offloaded all of my social media Apps.

  • Ryan Green
    Ryan Green Ditë më parë

    Good choice Casey

  • Croccy C
    Croccy C Ditë më parë

    Social media needs extinguished from reality, for the good being of everyone.

  • Wuen Han Lee
    Wuen Han Lee Ditë më parë

    Should I uninstall youtube too?

  • experiment54
    experiment54 Ditë më parë

    Get a smaller phone. Steve Jobs was right about size of devices.

  • Horacio Herrera
    Horacio Herrera Ditë më parë

    I recommend this book: MAKE TIME
    is just amazing and helped me to go from 5-7hrs on the phone a day to almost 3 A WEEK.
    we all need “Distraction-Free” phones ;)

  • Nuriya Kh
    Nuriya Kh Ditë më parë


  • Laurie Mendenhall
    Laurie Mendenhall Ditë më parë

    Refreshing as always. I have been working on being more present in my life and spending less time on Social Media. Can’t wait to hear how you fair!

  • Emilio Rey
    Emilio Rey Ditë më parë

    You are so fucking right casey! A wile ago I broke up with a girlfriend, and for some months I was a little bummed and wasn't interested or compelled to enter Facebook or Instagram anymore, and that felt amazing. Like I had en excuse to be liberated of the social mandate of posting everything you do or checking everyone's life (I know there's no such mandate, but at certain point it does feels like that). Obviously with time I came back to all that unnecessary but necessary shit haha

  • allexis Z
    allexis Z Ditë më parë

    Do a comparison between the Samsung galaxy s10+ vs IPhone XS

  • BenYouTube15
    BenYouTube15 Ditë më parë

    It's funny I just wanted time watching this!

  • Theresa H
    Theresa H Ditë më parë

    Dialing down on social media is an excellent plan.

  • Junaid Qadir
    Junaid Qadir Ditë më parë

    It's been a while (6+ months I think), I deleted all social apps except WhatsApp from my phone.
    I do the same, check facebook twitter Instagram on my laptop. On my phone, I get a few notifications and my phone sits silent (not on silent mode) until I get a call or text.
    I still waste a ton of time on youtube now. At the same time, youtube helps me a lot whenever I want to learn something. SO how to deal with mindless ALclip when you are not learning something?

  • Dan Kuida
    Dan Kuida Ditë më parë

    @bulletjournal to your aid. and Power of habit by Charles Duhig

  • Hadrian Gille-Collier
    Hadrian Gille-Collier Ditë më parë

    What is your morning routine?

  • Akil Imran
    Akil Imran Ditë më parë

    Doing it now 👍🙏

  • David Lendrum
    David Lendrum Ditë më parë

    Yes, agree. Done on my phone as well.

  • BourgeoisPhotography
    BourgeoisPhotography Ditë më parë

    Skip to 6:30 for the big reveal.

  • BourgeoisPhotography
    BourgeoisPhotography Ditë më parë

    UM, NO, thats a true hardwired manmade/youmade addiction. A-DDIC-TION ;)

  • Frank Havran
    Frank Havran Ditë më parë

    sounds like you'll be spending a lot more time at your laptop engourged in social media, good luck Casey.

  • Supercars of Portland
    Supercars of Portland Ditë më parë

    Did anyone see the kid dancing in front of the door at 1:57

  • TPK Productions
    TPK Productions Ditë më parë

    When I was 12 I deleted my Instagram. I turn 17 next month, and can say living without social media has been great. I spend way less time pointlessly scrolling (as Casey said in this video) and am more productive. People always look at me like I’m from another planet when I say I don’t have social media (unless you count ALclip) but man I think they’re the ones missing out. I still have one problem though, looking at my life. I notice that I spend too much time watching and checking ALclip on my phone, so I’m going to delete the ALclip app and only check it on my computer. Thank you for making this video Casey.

  • SaltyCures
    SaltyCures Ditë më parë

    Why not just set daily time limits on apps? I recently started doing that (esp needed for IG) and it’s made s huge difference. I’ve found that what ends up happening is you realize the clock is ticking and it drives you to be more intentional and purposeful about what you’re doing on social media. You don’t want to waste on mindless scrolling for worry of running out of time before the end of the day 👊🏼

  • Lucas Paul
    Lucas Paul Ditë më parë

    Imagine what this video would be if Beme has succeeded. Good for you mate, I open instagram once per week and only use FB for messenger. Feels really good

  • Gaurav Gondaliya
    Gaurav Gondaliya Ditë më parë +1

    At least very very helpful video information for me.👍🙌✔

  • Xephra
    Xephra Ditë më parë

    This is all about digital hygiene, you should look up the term or maybe look up a video by Exurb1a

  • HiddenWen
    HiddenWen Ditë më parë

    All I can say is brave new world. If we're not aware of what's happening, we are going to have our lives taken away.

  • Neil powell
    Neil powell Ditë më parë

    Worst things ever invented in this world is smart phones and social one talks anymore..people have become has become a much more unpleasant place

  • Chao Reas
    Chao Reas Ditë më parë

    hahaha i feel you.
    I realized and came to the point of my life where I do not need any of these social medias. so what i did was to slowly get rid of them. first, I uninstalled the apps from my phone. I only open it sometimes (fb messenger) from my computer if i have received an important message . Then as time goes by that you used to not checking on your social medias you will end up deactivating or deleting them without hesitation.

  • M Barajaa
    M Barajaa Ditë më parë

    Hi Casey,
    I am so glad you pointed the time we waste in social media. I am reaching out to you to come to Houston, Texas and do a show down here. There is a tremendous potential. I would be happy to see you down here. Always keep up the great work Casey you are the few people who make this weird world a better place!!!

  • Giovanni Gonzalez
    Giovanni Gonzalez Ditë më parë

    post more but if you can't it's okay

  • Pardeep Shergill
    Pardeep Shergill Ditë më parë

    Let go lust anger greed attachment ego . Bramh

  • Pardeep Shergill
    Pardeep Shergill Ditë më parë

    Do mediation join a spiritual order and destroy your ego.

  • Justin Molina
    Justin Molina Ditë më parë

    I'm from New York midtown Manhattan

  • Aydin Productions
    Aydin Productions Ditë më parë

    Yup an issue people don't realize they have on social media. Remove apps off phone will keep you off.

  • Markol Klaimung
    Markol Klaimung Ditë më parë

    How does this fit in with the "I only sleep 4 hours a day because time is such a valuable thing" guy?

  • Zhansultan Nurkhan
    Zhansultan Nurkhan Ditë më parë

    What about attack in New Zealand?
    Why don't you disscus and make a video about that terror? (Not Islamic terrorism)

  • Raymond Parker
    Raymond Parker Ditë më parë

    Casey just figured this out. Busy guy.

  • Alex Van wezel
    Alex Van wezel Ditë më parë

    You Now What your you are going to chase people people away

  • Mr. Mcgibblets
    Mr. Mcgibblets Ditë më parë

    That's an addiction bro.

  • how
    how Ditë më parë

    It is because you suscribed to 1778 people just short them to under 200 and your fine.