Why Machines That Bend Are Better

  • Publikuar 12 Mar 2019
  • Compliant mechanisms have lots of advantages over traditional devices. SimpliSafe is awesome security. It's really effective, easy to use, and the price is great. Check out SimpliSafe here: simplisafe.com/veritasium
    I visited the Compliant Mechanisms Research group at Brigham Young University and spoke to Professor Larry Howell:
    At the above link, you can download 3D-print files to make some of the objects in the video, plus learn more about compliant mechanisms.
    What I learned about compliant mechanisms I summarize in the 8 P's of compliant mechanisms:
    1. Part count (reduced by having flexible parts instead of springs, hinges)
    2. Productions processes (many, new, different enabled by compliant designs)
    3. Price (reduced by fewer parts and different production processes)
    4. Precise Motion (no backlash, less wear, friction)
    5. Performance (no outgassing, doesn't require lubricant)
    6. Proportions (reduced through different production processes)
    7. Portability (lightweight due to simpler, reduced part count designs)
    8. Predictability (devices are reliable over a long period of time)
    Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
    Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd
    Animation by Alan Chamberlain

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    1:36 "WHOOPS my bad"

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    Alex Vitkov 16 orë më parë

    This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

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    Sounds like another solution for no problem that gets turned into toys.

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    FINE! I clicked on it, are you happy now youtube??

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    This guy should team up with the origami technology scientist

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    Mind blown

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    can you make a bike with compliant mechanisms?

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    My g- I mean friend, physics girl.

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    I’m curious: What type of plastic did they use for their various light gray plastic models?

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    Smart af

  • Dxpress
    Dxpress 17 orë më parë

    Are there any downsides on using these compared to traditional machinery?
    Because if not, then we might as well make these standard.

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    That 'pay-the-algorithm' money is doing work considering this has been in my recommended for 2 weeks and played in the autoplay.

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    But will it blend?

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    That expression @10:02 is exactly what happened to me repeatedly throughout this video. This was one of your best episodes, second to Learned Helplessness in my opinion. But wow, how do more people not know about this innovation.

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    wow you lookin' thicc here Veritasium!!!

  • Stefanie Daniella
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    won't the points of bending wear out from simple stresses of bending anyway?
    (any material will degrade if bent enough times)

  • Richard Li
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    One of your most interesting video Derek! Love how you're developing your channel, keep it up!

  • heycharlie
    heycharlie 18 orë më parë

    Hm, i can think of one disadvantage, space saving. I don't imagine compliant mechanisms can easily be folded in a way that can be practical in modern homes

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    Okay now I wanna know how you can 3d print titanium.

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    "This episode was sponsored by Simply Safe. More about them at the end of the show". That right there is how you properly include a sponsor on an episode. Unlike most ALcliprs who just put a 2 minute long advert at the beginning of their video.

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    This is the most interesting video I have yet to see on youtube. Actual innovation.

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    What about the longevity of these devices?

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    6:50 specifically points out PLA for the 3D Printers out there xD

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    Dr. Howell is a Plastic-bender in disguise. Watch out for the Fire Nation!

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    We need bending vending machines.

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    This is my favorite episode ever!

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    Yo I"m gonna go to BYU and probably take classes from him!! That's so cool! #CougarPride

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    reminds me of proteins

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    Yessss. Thank you. I cant wait until these are produced widely

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    Does this mean the iPhone 6 is the best?

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    Am I the only one who thought the thumbnail was a speculum? lol

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    This type of design pleases me so much

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    It looks like an Aphex Twin logo

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    I love this.

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    Very cool. These guys need to partner up with Polymagnet! Imagine the possibilities....

  • socksumi
    socksumi 19 orë më parë

    This kind of thing has been around for centuries. Springs for example. Catapult anyone?

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    Fuckin dude is dumb man. Jeez.

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    That is why the iPad Pro is a great device

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    Are you banging the Physics girl? Asking for a friend.

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    Now if Professor Harry could unlock the secrets on making my wife more compliant. I'd say give him the Nobel Price.

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    LEGO briefcases real OG compliant mechanism

  • H A R
    H A R 20 orë më parë

    yeh, but bending things makes their joints weaker and weaker quickly til the break.

    • Kyle Warren
      Kyle Warren 20 orë më parë

      They accounted for that. "It withstood up to a million cycles on our fatigue machine."

  • Fuck Censorship
    Fuck Censorship 20 orë më parë

    You need to talk less when interviewing experts.

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    Fishy boi slippin in yo hoof 20 orë më parë

    That man looks like my therapist

  • Federico Spadone
    Federico Spadone 20 orë më parë

    This doesn't impress me
    2:54 Hinges and bearings and separate springs last much longer than flexible junk.
    3:41 Looks like something that would withstand a very small number of operating cycles, compared to a traditional cheap circuit breaker with a tiny metal leaf spring.
    5:58 "And that is why..." you put rubber bushings in if you want to avoid that issue. You don't make the whole piece rubbery!
    7:32 That's true
    9:22 Aw, look, a centrifugal clutch. Something equivalent, but made with a drum, shoes and two springs, can be found in most mopeds with a CVT or a single gear pulley. It's basically a centrifugal drum brake. Common on chainsaws and lawnmowers. The advantage of having it made of multiple parts is that they don't wear off at the same rate. The springs are almost ethernal, while the padding and the inside of the drum are not. And you only have to change the parts that you need instead of the whole assembly.
    Nice food for thought anyway (=

  • Mike Roberti
    Mike Roberti 20 orë më parë

    Wasn’t Professor Howell the “Gilliam’s Island” guy?

  • mulchypotatoes
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    should've just let the professor speak he's more interesting than you

  • bob cork
    bob cork 20 orë më parë

    So are springs now considered Compliant Machines.

  • Tech Witch
    Tech Witch 20 orë më parë

    I wonder how you can achieve longevity in such a part. As far as I know, you can break a piece of metal by bending it back and forth repeatedly.

  • Blan Morrison
    Blan Morrison 20 orë më parë

    "What if you put your finger in there and squeezed it?"
    "You would scream in pain. Would you like to try?"
    *"I would."*

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    Wierd flex but ok

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    the thing in the thumbnail looks like people smashing

  • Henrique Aroeira
    Henrique Aroeira 20 orë më parë

    I'm a microelectronics engineer that (as of last week, in fact ) begun working with MEMs (Micro Electro Mechanics) and this is seriously cool!

  • Nathan Masters
    Nathan Masters 20 orë më parë

    Larry was my Masters Thesis advisor--he is one of the great people I have known in my life. Compliant mechanisms are very cool. Thank you for posting this video-love your channel. For any who have not seen it, you should check out the Nova episode "The Origami Revolution"--which covers more BYU Compliant Mechanisms research--with origami.

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    nice suit dude

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    This video turned me on...

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    Why do I have a feeling that this Larry guy will change the world?

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    2030 a phone made from plastic

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    That GRIPPER Compliant Mechanism was on the thumbnail of this video. I was intrigued. I clicked on because that vise grip looking thing somehow looks like a Dude on top of a girl, "doing" her! For some reason, it looked like the Dude on top has a diagonal "family jewels." Some of those looked like WHIRLIGIGS without the spinning fan. Wow! the most impressive part is that all of those shown are OPEN SOURCE. I was just kidding with my aforementioned comments. I love this channel. Very informative!

  • kud
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    Is he Scott Adams’ brother?

  • Andrew Rawlins
    Andrew Rawlins 21 orë më parë

    The applications possible with these innovations... so transformative. Cheap, reliant, and available to everybody. NASA should be using compliant mechanisms with their Moon Gate project.

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    Your "friend" haha they would make smart babies

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    Notice how machines are slowly becoming more organic. We're witnessing the cells of a future lifeform starting to assemble.

  • Benjamin Esposti
    Benjamin Esposti 21 orë më parë

    That's misleading. There are no pinch points, but the edges of the metal have to rounded enough, otherwise the sharp edges can and will cut through the insulation over time.

  • Spartacusse
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    Simplisafe = Apple-ly looking expensive security system for spoiled first worlders.
    Rest of the world = Buy stuff off of Aliexpress and wire it all up ourselves.

  • KuKajin
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    very cool video and the ideas here are certainly going to change our future but the nasa rocket one just seemed like an overcomplicated solution

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    As smart as this guy seems he says NUCULAR?

  • Kaden Burgart
    Kaden Burgart 22 orë më parë

    I avoided this video for like a week before autoplay forced my to watch it. Not even 2 minutes in and I already got inspiration for a mechanical design problem I've been trying to solve.

  • A n g e l o
    A n g e l o 22 orë më parë +1

    This video makes me miss the 1950s explanation videos on how things work. No humor, no fluff, just clear explanations.
    This video is more for children.

    • Kyle Warren
      Kyle Warren 18 orë më parë


    • A n g e l o
      A n g e l o 18 orë më parë

      Kyle Warren -- if you want entertainment, just watch some cat videos, man. No need for him to act like a someone you’d see on ALclips trending page.
      Again, even the engineer was annoyed with his nonsense, and the guy kept going on. Hell, at one point I could no longer tell who was the women when he stood next to his wife. That’s how chaotic, childish, and effeminate he was acting. Yea that’s right, women are childish is exactly what I’m saying.
      What I said isn’t anecdotal, it’s logical. The fact you disagree because you enjoyed the video is what’s anecdotal.
      Now excuse me I’m off to chat about geometry in the comment section of some funny cat videos. People will love it. 😂

    • Kyle Warren
      Kyle Warren 19 orë më parë

      Dude...I'm an engineering student. Sophomore year, going through Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Materials and Processes in Manufacturing, and Circuits.
      My Mats and Processes *professor* showed us a clip of this video to demonstrate the power of using bending in design as opposed to mechanical solutions.
      You are correct: this is not an entertaining field. And my professor didn't show us the whole video because of all the fluff going on in it. And I'm probably never coming back to this video for any kind of reference.
      However, this video did get me thinking about interesting design angles. Methodologies of part minimization is an aspect that I definitely am going to be thinking about going forward.
      But if this were a boring, "Here's an info dump" video, I would have clicked off in 2 minutes, because I'm watching this during my free time while I'm chilling with a cup of coffee. I don't need to know the math or the design specifics to get my brain stimulated with my own, enjoyable line of thought. I just want to have a short, fun time between my monolithic homework assignments.
      There's a place and a purpose to everything. Those 50s videos got me on my feet and running when it came to soldering really quickly. Videos on youtube in the same vein have helped me understand my Statics, Physics, Differential Equations, Circuits, Materials and Processes in Manufacturing, and Mechanics of Materials classes far better than I could have otherwise. These more entertaining videos have gotten me to understand stuff like concrete, laminar flow, how the change to the SI system works, problems with time zones in code, usage of slanted pieces of metal and reflection to create directional signs, basics of neural networks, and other curiosities that I wouldn't necessarily be exposed to otherwise.
      There is literally nothing wrong with these videos. The information dump videos are still out there if you want to find them. Lots of lectures are hanging out on youtube and if you want some particularly dense information then getting a hold of scholarly articles and books is easier than ever. These more entertaining videos are just more popular because you don't *need* to be an engineer to enjoy them. They're presented at a level that anyone can understand and see the value of the concept presented. That's really not a bad thing at all.
      So, you really are in the wrong place, and I argue that the host is in exactly the right place. He's making money, clearly doing something he likes, has achieved a level of popularity, and is inspiring both the uneducated and those who are being educated. As for the professor, yes he seemed mildly annoyed, but he also made a bendy elephant to demonstrate a point, so he's probably ok with a bit of messing around too.

      Look...if you're going to focus on pure information efficiency, that's fine. There are channels out there for you. You might need to do some more digging to find them, because they don't appeal to ALclip's algorithm, but they're out there. However, there's no need to rain on everyone else's parade. Not everyone is an engineer trying to learn exactly how "compliant mechanisms" work on a material and mathematical level.
      Also, "Engineers don’t care about entertainment because entertainment doesn’t belong in this field." A: I'm gonna need a source on that besides your anicodotal experience, and B: that's a *super* unhealthy way to think.

    • A n g e l o
      A n g e l o 20 orë më parë

      Kyle Warren -- Are you good at ready body language? Take a look at body language of the engineer in this video. He was highly annoyed by the hosts behavior over and over again - as was I.
      Engineers don’t care about entertainment because entertainment doesn’t belong in this field. So no, I’m not at the wrong channel, this host is.
      Engineering is exciting as it is for people who like it. Sugarcoating an interesting subject isn’t entertaining, it’s an obstruction.

    • Kyle Warren
      Kyle Warren 20 orë më parë

      A n g e l o this is an entertainment channel that also teaches. PBS space time is more along the lines you’re thinking.
      Also practical engineering is another channel that’s quite good for this.
      You’re looking in the wrong places man.

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    the most unpredictable video I ever seen ,this will open a multi dimensional thoughts in mechanical engineering

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    This is not absolute, however. For machining applications, machine tools that flex and bend can't do their job properly. But for sportbikes for instance it's a different application, and works much better when it flexes especially under extreme acceleration and cornering.

  • Eddy A.
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    cool episode. But BYU is.... ugh I'd never want to go there, as if I'd get accepted anyway.

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    This is retarded beyond words. He broke a piece of chalk (easy) using a goofy-looking scissor and calls it revolutionary. This is basic sh*t people.. (Btw, you can break a chalk stick in between a couple fingers on one hand. It's SUPER fragile, just like a crayon. LAME !

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    Nonlinear FEM.

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    Prof. Larry is Elon Musk's less famous cousin

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    Hey Veritasium. I loved this video, but think again about that security system. Wireless security systems are inherently flawed. (Think jamming, imsi catcher) And if that's not enough the fact that this system by design phones home would worry me. Yeah it might be nice that they validate alarms. But having a security system connected to the Internet is a bad Idea. And since it phones home you just centralized your security together with a couple hundred different people. A tasty target indeed.
    And please don't believe any provider that your data is save with them. Because _they_ take security seriously. Way bigger companys broke on that promise since 0day's are a thing.

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    this is super interesting! it's going to be cool to watch the world adobt this design philosophy more

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