Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

  • Publikuar 14 Mar 2019
  • Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • ArgëtimArgëtim

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  • Vincent !
    Vincent ! Ditë më parë

    Captain America has been surprisingly talkative in this Trailer

    more than anyone else

  • chris alvarez
    chris alvarez Ditë më parë

    Can we keep this in 2020 and 2021

  • Adrian Yolo gamer
    Adrian Yolo gamer Ditë më parë

    Marvel por favor no mates a ningún súper héroe en especial a iron man no mates a ninguno te lo suplico soy su fan #1 forever

  • Spookay! !
    Spookay! ! Ditë më parë

    Mr.stark...Avenger series will end soon... *I don’t feel so good*

  • נועם ריינר ריינר

    what ever it takes

  • TGM Clan
    TGM Clan Ditë më parë

    what’s DC ? i forgot

  • Shubham Revadekar
    Shubham Revadekar Ditë më parë

    Avengers travelled back in time. The trailer has some of the scenes which clear it up.
    The scene of Thor looking at his lightning Axe, he have the second chance to say 'bring me thanoss'.
    Past scenes of every hero, tell us that everything is going to start once again.
    It is just to start over.

  • game rebel
    game rebel Ditë më parë

    Are they fighting thanos

    • Yatess 19
      Yatess 19 Ditë më parë

      game rebel obviously

  • ItzSqueaky
    ItzSqueaky Ditë më parë

    Not going to lie this is probably my 100th time watching this trailer

  • Katya
    Katya Ditë më parë


  • Ded
    Ded Ditë më parë +1

    We should all thank star lord for giving us another avengers movie

  • Harshith P
    Harshith P Ditë më parë

    I have been kept coming to this trailer over and over again, why ?

  • Andrew Jabez Ramanujam
    Andrew Jabez Ramanujam Ditë më parë


    CHIKA NERIK Ditë më parë


  • TheKumanes
    TheKumanes Ditë më parë +1

    Rowdy Baby video song made 100 million views in just 2 days... Still the trailer is soo good can't wait to catch it at the cinemas !!

  • steve stark
    steve stark Ditë më parë +1

    Rip avatar

  • The KAP Games
    The KAP Games Ditë më parë

    Ok, give your daily attendance here !! 😁

  • The Golden God
    The Golden God Ditë më parë +1

    Who thinks cap , thor or tony
    Might die in this movie

  • IAN아옌
    IAN아옌 Ditë më parë

    Wait wait who a last movie? Marvel? Marvel? Really! Really! Omg!! I'm so excited!!!

  • Laygaming
    Laygaming Ditë më parë

    Rocket looks sick and depressed

  • Defect Leon
    Defect Leon Ditë më parë

    1:10 Some do, bananas!

  • pramanshu singh
    pramanshu singh Ditë më parë

    Trailer 1 was better

  • Pheak PalMaThor
    Pheak PalMaThor Ditë më parë

    32 days to go

  • Daltira
    Daltira Ditë më parë

    You just had to go waste your time playing tag didn’t you.

  • Blue Radish
    Blue Radish Ditë më parë

    Avengers: Into the Butthole

  • Multiple Muffins
    Multiple Muffins Ditë më parë +2

    This needs to become the highest earning movie ever IN MEMORY OF STAN LEE!

  • Arman Atef
    Arman Atef Ditë më parë

    Why has no one mentioned that Nebula appears TWICE during the end walk scene? Makes me question if Tony is really even there

  • Rupesh Dhongade
    Rupesh Dhongade Ditë më parë

    Whatever it takes 😠😠

  • Daner Kurdi
    Daner Kurdi Ditë më parë +1

    I can’t believe right after this movie the X-men and fantastic four and deadpool and Wolverine are coming to this same universe 😆😆😆

  • Asiatiko
    Asiatiko Ditë më parë

    Remember how we were so hyped about transformers 5 and it turned out to be trash?

    Let’s hope this isn’t like that

  • N SaneCrashFan
    N SaneCrashFan Ditë më parë

    The trailers lying to us this won't happen

  • CoDx
    CoDx Ditë më parë

    44 thousand D.C have left the chat.

  • Jijo Mathew
    Jijo Mathew Ditë më parë

    will surely watch this movie first day first show

  • william madruga
    william madruga Ditë më parë

    What’s the music? Epic af

  • 1000 subscribers with useless content Challenge

    Black widow will be defeating thanos with a pistol 1:40

  • Jay
    Jay Ditë më parë +1

    Some people commenting
    'whatever it takes'

    But not us
    Not us

  • Dragon Emperor
    Dragon Emperor Ditë më parë

    I thought Thor's hammer was destroyed and he got a new did it come back?(at the end)

    OMGSPORTS Ditë më parë

    i watched 5 times, haha so like it

  • Domination - Vlogs
    Domination - Vlogs Ditë më parë +1

    From the looks of it during the flashbacks the only color we saw was red. That gets me thinking that the reality stone must have something to do with this. What if Thanos used the reality stone to see what would happen if he did wipe out half the universe? What if he used the reality stone and made this whole reality seem real but it really isn’t. What if he did it because he thought he might regret everything in the end. Just my theory about it hope some of you like it!

  • Travis Greenwood
    Travis Greenwood Ditë më parë

    Who's still watching in 2019?

  • KBat 2006
    KBat 2006 Ditë më parë


    TheJEDIBRANDON Ditë më parë

    *YoU sHoUlD hAvE gOnE fOr ThE hEaD*

  • JAYanimations
    JAYanimations Ditë më parë

    Spoiler warning:

    Black widow shoots Thanos and kills him

  • Trystan Cook
    Trystan Cook Ditë më parë +1

    This is Thanos.Thanos has 5,000 health.
    1 Like=1 Damage


  • op bro
    op bro Ditë më parë

    Thanos mana?

  • Sebastian Knez
    Sebastian Knez Ditë më parë +1

    Roses are red
    The tesseract is blue
    Half the universe is dead
    Thor should’ve aimed for the head

  • Kant
    Kant Ditë më parë

    John Wick will be the one to kill Thanos!

  • ObbyKing: Script Tutorials
    ObbyKing: Script Tutorials Ditë më parë

    Roses are red
    Half of the universe is dead
    Thor should've gone for the head

    TONY PH GAMING Ditë më parë +1


  • Goose The Cat
    Goose The Cat Ditë më parë

    1:17 Are they Frank Castle and Willy Fisk?

    HEETKAILASH JARWANI Ditë më parë +1

    Thor and Captain America fans hit like

  • Sebastian Knez
    Sebastian Knez Ditë më parë +5

    Roses are red
    The tesseract is blue
    Loki isn’t really dead
    He is coming for you

    GANTIC GT Ditë më parë

    I heard yanny

  • Raghavi Prabhu
    Raghavi Prabhu Ditë më parë

    Best best best

  • Susanne
    Susanne Ditë më parë

    1:56 now it's a 100% sure Tony makes it back to earth

  • Stephen Forrest
    Stephen Forrest Ditë më parë

    2:16 That look , "arm wrestle, right now"

  • George S
    George S Ditë më parë

    Who is here after watching Captain Marvel?

  • George S
    George S Ditë më parë

    Who is on an Avengers Trailer marathon?

  • Pak Underdog
    Pak Underdog Ditë më parë

    Thor will use Hammer instef of Storm Bringer (Axe)?

    • Iron Spider
      Iron Spider Ditë më parë

      First of all .Its stormbreaker and its there in this trailer..its a half hammer half axe

  • T-Series Manager
    T-Series Manager Ditë më parë +1

    Thanos Erased You From Existense

    Like to undo

  • Sken F
    Sken F Ditë më parë

    Let's get in to 3M likes!

  • Aditya vaithyanathan
    Aditya vaithyanathan Ditë më parë

    Some people will leave the theatre without tears

    🅽🅾🆃 🆄🆂

  • W4rlock
    W4rlock Ditë më parë

    "If you see purple Homer Simpson in the future, be sure to aim for the chest"

  • Blaq
    Blaq Ditë më parë

    all this pep talk but in reality they should still lose right? since they have even less people?

  • ____Blueberry___ Sans__
    ____Blueberry___ Sans__ Ditë më parë

    Will spider man come back?! The part where petter was going away I cried for an hour :{

  • Trystan Cook
    Trystan Cook Ditë më parë +1

    Some people will go to see this movie on Saturday, April 27


  • Tamer Avındık
    Tamer Avındık Ditë më parë


  • çağ kutlu
    çağ kutlu Ditë më parë

    Thanos is sad
    Let him continue the rest
    Because everyone knows
    That he is the best

  • Capitão América
    Capitão América Ditë më parë +2

    I'm gonna watch this on April 25th!
    Whatever It takes
    Whatever It takes....

  • çağ kutlu
    çağ kutlu Ditë më parë

    Where is thanos

  • 50,000 subscribers with no videos? Worth a shot.

    I honestly want either Tony or Thor to kill Thanos, not Captain Marvel. Both have had films leading up to this final moment, Captain Marvel has had one film and is a brand new character, so having a brand new character kill the main villain just seems a little pointless to me. Only my opinion though.

    • Alvin Aville
      Alvin Aville Ditë më parë

      It wont happen. Trust me, this is marvel we're talking about not DC. Remember justice league when superman show up and solved everything. Lol

  • Eden Hazardous
    Eden Hazardous Ditë më parë +1

    2:13 Thor was glad he didn't go for the head this time though 😂

  • Of five to ten
    Of five to ten Ditë më parë

    *Everything is a hoax, should have more dislikes*

  • Sajman
    Sajman Ditë më parë

    April 26 2019 me h ya 2020 me

  • Abu bakr Fayaz
    Abu bakr Fayaz Ditë më parë +1

    Three things happened today
    1. My friend said he hates the Avengers
    2. A bus hit my friend.
    3. I lost my bus driving license.

  • Kiwi intro maker
    Kiwi intro maker Ditë më parë

    "God seems like a thousand years ago! I fought my way out of that cave.... Became iron man.. realized i loved you. I know i said no more suprises but, i was just hoping to pull off one last one..
    The world has changed... None of us can go back... All we can do is our best... and sometimes the best that we can do... is to start over...
    I saw all these people die..
    I keep telling everybody they should move on... Some do... but not us.
    Even if theres a... small chance, We owe this... to everyone who's not in this room to try..
    We will.. Whatever it takes.
    Whatever it takes.
    Whatever it takes.
    Whatever it takes.
    I like this one.. Hmmhmm."

    That's all the voices!

  • AaaAss FCC fetch
    AaaAss FCC fetch Ditë më parë +1

    0:53 and 1:36 gives me GOOSEBUMPS

  • Marvel Fanboy
    Marvel Fanboy Ditë më parë +2

    Iron Man: Finally!!! Now everyone can wear suits.😂😂😂

  • ImFizzy000
    ImFizzy000 Ditë më parë +1

    Cant Wait To See It :D

  • Zippy Lul
    Zippy Lul Ditë më parë +1

    Thanos: Thor heads or tails?
    Thor: uhh tails?
    Thanos: you should have gone for the head

  • hongo mania
    hongo mania Ditë më parë

    Soooooooo hyped cannot freaking wait for this

  • Cesonico
    Cesonico Ditë më parë

    I literally just cried. Jesus Christ.

  • Abijith
    Abijith Ditë më parë

    Guess why Captain Marvel didn't move?
    It's because Thor doesn't 'go for the HEAD' !

  • Brendan Coffman
    Brendan Coffman Ditë më parë

    X-men apocalypse like cgi set but with good effects.

  • A bad Amv
    A bad Amv Ditë më parë

    I’m so excited for thissssss😃😃😃😃😃

  • Roy Arroyo
    Roy Arroyo Ditë më parë

    Punisher on the missing people telephone pole ad at 1:15?

  • Dark
    Dark Ditë më parë +1

    Guys at 0:50 thats stark’s coffin😭

  • legend gamer
    legend gamer Ditë më parë

    Nice trailer 👌👌👌

  • gamergirlnightcore :3
    gamergirlnightcore :3 Ditë më parë

    I'm sooo ready to watch it

  • Bapeboy
    Bapeboy Ditë më parë

    Dc vs thanos vs Avengers
    Who would win

  • Star Wars Fan 2015
    Star Wars Fan 2015 Ditë më parë

    I like the new war machine armor

  • H Wz
    H Wz Ditë më parë

    We will succeed to kill thanos whatever it takes

  • Movies Now
    Movies Now Ditë më parë

    0:51 😨😨😨goosebums

  • Irsyad Kudus
    Irsyad Kudus Ditë më parë

    Wheres this new hero, the boogeyman? If u know what i mean.

  • Stogie2112
    Stogie2112 Ditë më parë

    Right at the end, Thanos will be about to obliterate all the remaining Avengers......
    ....but then Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix will whoosh in and turn him to ash.

  • angel lovesDara
    angel lovesDara Ditë më parë

    i hope they won't kill iron man here😭

  • Arsh Deep127
    Arsh Deep127 Ditë më parë


  • dincaboutit
    dincaboutit Ditë më parë

    epic, until angry house wife showed up... frustrating.

  • ;-;
    ;-; Ditë më parë

    Looks like Thanos snapped his fingers on himself...

  • Masako Morita
    Masako Morita Ditë më parë

    What did thor mean when he said “I like this one”