Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser

  • Publikuar 12 Pri 2019
  • Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
  • ArgëtimArgëtim

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  • 10 000 With no vids challange

    Im exited

  • Nuyo
    Nuyo Ditë më parë

    Joker still has more views. 😋

  • Yangster
    Yangster Ditë më parë

    Even though I didn't like episode 7, JJ retconning Rian's changes does bring a smile to my face.

  • Big Tony
    Big Tony Ditë më parë +1

    Meme Wars: Return of the Do it

  • sinjun morris
    sinjun morris Ditë më parë

    Sheev's laughter is the best ever.

  • ManofSteel
    ManofSteel Ditë më parë

    Please let that be a Venator class star destroyer 1:32

  • MyFinalHour Zzz
    MyFinalHour Zzz Ditë më parë

    time has flew feel like i just watched the first episode yesterday


    I’m telling you man, resurrect one Vulcan and look what happens....

  • Leo Melin
    Leo Melin Ditë më parë +1

    Palpatine joined the chat.

  • Jason Evans
    Jason Evans Ditë më parë +3

    Kathleen Kennedy is revealed as a dark lord of the Sith.

  • Simple User
    Simple User Ditë më parë

    little to no training for both of the movies and now she can do that?

  • Ju Lo
    Ju Lo Ditë më parë +1

    "C'mon, I want you to do it. C'mon, C'mon. I want you to do, c'mon, do it...HIT ME! HIT ME!"
    Bonus points since Rey backflips. Yeah, the truck in The Dark Knight frontflipped, but there was a still flip involved.

  • Tanned Tomato
    Tanned Tomato Ditë më parë +1


  • Bobby
    Bobby Ditë më parë

    Resurrecting Palpatine will not resurrect this God awful trilogy.

    • Bobby
      Bobby Ditë më parë

      +Smee Self What's there to be a fan of? bad writing and political correctness gone wrong?

    • Smee Self
      Smee Self Ditë më parë

      So another 'fan'... sigh

  • NumberJ42
    NumberJ42 Ditë më parë


  • Lachausis
    Lachausis Ditë më parë

    What a useless trilogy

    • Smee Self
      Smee Self Ditë më parë

      What a useless comment

  • steiner121 _
    steiner121 _ Ditë më parë +1

    There is no hope, we are doomed

  • Frank Kudos
    Frank Kudos Ditë më parë +6

    That’s a clause in the franchise agreement, sub section 2, paragraph 8, line 10, “nobody is ever really gone”

  • actually lil bump
    actually lil bump Ditë më parë

    With Lando coming back is he going to reveal to Finn that he is his father? Like when is the Return of The Jedi Luke saw Anakin for the first time as Anakin and not Darth Vader

  • Eszter Kondor
    Eszter Kondor Ditë më parë +2

    "Every generation has a legend"
    Generations 30+, move along, nothing to see here...

    • Istvan Bekesi
      Istvan Bekesi Ditë më parë

      Eszter Kondor Sith Barbrady in action :)

  • Thewatcher Ofyou
    Thewatcher Ofyou Ditë më parë +2

    Good bye my beloved franchise

  • Chris Turner
    Chris Turner Ditë më parë

    I sure as hell hope Ryan Johnson is really gone.

  • diokos a
    diokos a Ditë më parë +1

    does anyone else just not give a toss about the new starwars aside from having an excuse to watch the old ones again?

    • Smee Self
      Smee Self Ditë më parë +1

      Yes. The new ones are better.

  • IAW Studio
    IAW Studio Ditë më parë

    Finally an end to the madness. Which I will get around to watching. When everyone else is done beginning angry. Fact being! I'm out of pocket and going to the theater in the neighbouring community. Has a cop gauntlet to traverse.

  • Peacenotwar
    Peacenotwar Ditë më parë

    No ones ever really gone

    Order 66 was a lie.

  • Caolan Duff
    Caolan Duff Ditë më parë +1

    Jake Skywalker: No one is ever really gone.
    Rian Johnson: Laughs like the emperor at the end of the trailer.

  • Smee Self
    Smee Self Ditë më parë +2

    Can't wait!

  • Vladimir Turop
    Vladimir Turop Ditë më parë +1

    No pls nooo, don't broke that..

  • Aishwarya Net
    Aishwarya Net Ditë më parë +1

    Avatar or Star Wars: the better film?

  • Chris D
    Chris D Ditë më parë +2

    Thousands of years of Jedi and Force Sensitive training and knowledge are yours to know!
    *proceeds to run fast and do a high spinny jumpy thing while flailing like a child with a stick*

  • Tomasz Reszel
    Tomasz Reszel Ditë më parë

    najlepszy prezent na gwiazdkę ever

  • Hamza Dz
    Hamza Dz Ditë më parë


  • Abhiram Mogali
    Abhiram Mogali Ditë më parë

    Director- J.J Abrams: Should Palpetine come back in this movie?
    Palpetine: Dew it

    • Cristian Colón
      Cristian Colón Ditë më parë

      Abhiram Mogali STOLEN! Which is why you will never have likes

  • Bryan Neff
    Bryan Neff Ditë më parë +2

    "The Saga Comes to an End"
    please and thank you

  • yukimarusword
    yukimarusword Ditë më parë +1


  • MannPerson
    MannPerson Ditë më parë +1

    Talk about jumping the shark.
    She literally jumped the tiefighter LMAO.
    This has to be a joke.
    Absolutely pathetic.

    • Smee Self
      Smee Self Ditë më parë

      Another 'fan' then... sigh

  • Von Trumpet
    Von Trumpet Ditë më parë +1


  • UchihaYT Vlogs
    UchihaYT Vlogs Ditë më parë +4

    I'm sorry but so far these new movies don't live up to the masterpieces of the original 1-6.
    There's literally no Jedi Swordsmanship battles.
    Remember Anakin vs Obi-Wan!!???
    These new jedis and siths swing lightsabers like 3 year olds.
    What about using the force to bring down star a destroyer!!! ???
    Where's the epicness Star Wars was about?????
    I'm sorry but not having George Lucas making these films and Disney made it waaaay more about nostalgia than actually the feeling of Star Wars.... Star Wars definition= Massive Wars literally fought both in Space and Planets

    • Nuyo
      Nuyo Ditë më parë

      +Ben Clarke
      Based on what happend in the previous 2 movies,
      the fact that Kennedy said that they haven't changed the big plan and that most of the trailer is nostalgic cameos to get the old fans in the cinema show in what direction this movie is going.

    • Ben Clarke
      Ben Clarke Ditë më parë

      Nuyo yeah that’s fair, but then are we saying we can make a judgement on the whole film from a subjective two minute trailer that’s designed to not give much away? Or are we just saying it’s a poor trailer?

    • Nuyo
      Nuyo Ditë më parë

      +Ben Clarke
      They are saying that. But he isn't in control of everything. It's marketing.

    • Ben Clarke
      Ben Clarke Ditë më parë +1

      Interestingly George Lucas was consulted throughout the writing of this film

    • duel
      duel Ditë më parë

      The Phantom Menace and Attack of The Clones are only masterpieces when compared to The Last Jedi.

  • professional motion
    professional motion Ditë më parë +5

    "We've passed on all we know." So, pretty much, you just need 2 lessons to be a jedi. Gotcha. Makes so much sense.

    • Ben Clarke
      Ben Clarke Ditë më parë

      Not, but a ALclip account makes it a lot easier for people to see those comments and scrutinise you for it.

    • Smee Self
      Smee Self Ditë më parë

      So all you needed is a You Tube account to make premature and useless comments.

    • Ben Clarke
      Ben Clarke Ditë më parë +1

      Would be careful not to make that assumption once you’ve seen the film, mate. Jedi have come back as ghosts to give more advice, and there’s nothing to say that won’t be what’s happening here.

  • Dustin Woodhurst
    Dustin Woodhurst Ditë më parë

    Did Palpatine’s laugh shock you?

  • multri ani
    multri ani Ditë më parë +4

    Is it star wars episode 9? excited!!

  • Jack Kumar
    Jack Kumar Ditë më parë

    Who want hd 1080 print teaser drop your mail

  • UpwindVermin2
    UpwindVermin2 Ditë më parë +2

    Passed on all we know like 3 days of training

    • Cristian Colón
      Cristian Colón Ditë më parë

      UpwindVermin2 Actually due to the time jump from the ending of The Last Jedi and the beginning of this film, I’m guessing that 1. Its been several years, and 2. Luke and other force ghosts have been teaching Rey

    • Smee Self
      Smee Self Ditë më parë

      If only you had that much training in rational thinking...

  • Meme Patrol
    Meme Patrol Ditë më parë +10

    Actually makes me genuinely upset how much they ruined this franchise

    • Smee Self
      Smee Self Ditë më parë

      Ruined? It's just gets better.

    • Blue Njörðr
      Blue Njörðr Ditë më parë

      People are so thirsty for more they would take anything with the name Star Wars on it.
      But that’s just how Hollywood works.

  • Ladale Lee
    Ladale Lee Ditë më parë

    It will be too Disney I bet .the director for rogue one did a brilliant job

  • Alaric Lopez
    Alaric Lopez Ditë më parë +3

    Force Awakens trailer has ~103M views. As of this post, this trailer has about 24M.

    The loss of interest is strong with this one.

    • Ken Sachenbacher
      Ken Sachenbacher Ditë më parë

      force awakens teaser has 24M views, so does this teaser.

  • Rich 88
    Rich 88 Ditë më parë +2

    *Rey Skywalker is a Jedi Knight.*

  • ironically finished
    ironically finished Ditë më parë +1

    oh its a christmas gift

  • TheMistDoes Things
    TheMistDoes Things Ditë më parë +1

    I'm excited.

  • SwafflesYT
    SwafflesYT Ditë më parë +6

    Following the prophecy and the balance of the force, the chosen one is misperceived to be an individual, when it's actually the combination of the light and the dark side.

    • Chris D
      Chris D Ditë më parë

      The chosen one is whoever has to make both sides equal again. If the dark or light side is too strong, someone will show up to bring balance until the scales tip over and it repeats over and over and over again ad nauseum.

  • SwafflesYT
    SwafflesYT Ditë më parë +6

    First maul and now sidious? The new characters are so unlikeable that they feel the need to bring back old ones and ruin those too

    • da wae
      da wae Ditë më parë

      Yep. Solo ruined Maul.

  • Rich 88
    Rich 88 Ditë më parë +1

    *1:35** Luke Skywalker said Will Always Be With You.*

    • Defaulted Xbow
      Defaulted Xbow Ditë më parë

      Rich 88 He said “We’ll always be with you”

  • warhawk333
    warhawk333 Ditë më parë

    Star Wars IX : "we're sorry about the last one"

    • Smee Self
      Smee Self Ditë më parë

      Sorry there are so many you tube whinners.
      The last one was the best one.

  • alante at The island is trash asf


  • Mat Skodeng
    Mat Skodeng Ditë më parë +13

    1977-2019: jumping the shark - "something on TV/film that was once popular that no longer warrants the attention it previously received makes an attempt at publicity, which only serves to highlight its irrelevance"
    2019-?: jumping the tie fighter

  • GoldenPoptart
    GoldenPoptart Ditë më parë

    Coming WHEN

  • My P P Hard guy 0
    My P P Hard guy 0 Ditë më parë

    1:45 when she tells you not to nut in her but you do it anyway

  • CT- 1409
    CT- 1409 Ditë më parë

    The senate is back baby!!

  • Tubular Animation
    Tubular Animation Ditë më parë +1

    Rogue, Batgirl, Kerry Kelly, Jean Grey, Storm, Laurie Strode, Kitana, Chun Lee, Ripley, Sarah Conor: what do they have in common? Is it that they are female? Is it that they are female? NO! It’s that they are awesome and developed characters that we love, connect with, and can potentially aspire to be! Less female was never the problem, terrible story telling is!!!!

  • Mr woof Woof
    Mr woof Woof Ditë më parë +5

    Hey hey u, stop scrolling now, u know the drill make the button blue or i bite ur leg

  • Tubular Animation
    Tubular Animation Ditë më parë

    It’s not that Lando is iconic, it’s that he is so likeable. He embodies great characters that we can potentially relate too. But... If the greatest hero of this story, the person (gender does not matter) we can connect and aspire to be was treated like trash, a mere character like Lando won’t and can’t save Star Wars. His laugh embodies how we want to react to this trilogy, but it’s more of a product than containing story and life.

  • Wrecklaw 15
    Wrecklaw 15 Ditë më parë +13


    • Sarah Kinz
      Sarah Kinz Ditë më parë

      Alright alright... ya old smoothie

    • Wrecklaw 15
      Wrecklaw 15 Ditë më parë

      Shaun Clarke lets hope they trust Lando

    • Shaun Clarke
      Shaun Clarke Ditë më parë +1

      Why you lousy, double crossin, no good've got a lot a guts comin here, after what you pulled...

  • jammerman28
    jammerman28 Ditë më parë +1

    Any true fan of star wars would boycott this movie

  • POMax
    POMax Ditë më parë

    *No one's ever really gone*
    _Luke's lightsaber appears_

  • Elliott W
    Elliott W Ditë më parë +1

    Only good thing about this trailer is that after this movie, this garbage can of a trilogy will end!!!

    • Smee Self
      Smee Self Ditë më parë

      If only it will end uniformed whingers on you tube....

  • sate
    sate Ditë më parë +7

    this has to be the slowest tie fighter ever

  • Karmel Xstar v.3
    Karmel Xstar v.3 Ditë më parë


  • Adam Hanohano
    Adam Hanohano Ditë më parë

    What the hell is going on

  • NWO 2033
    NWO 2033 Ditë më parë

    End of a saga Disney sells star wars

  • stefan orlandic
    stefan orlandic Ditë më parë

    Just a bad fan fiction

    • Smee Self
      Smee Self Ditë më parë

      How would you know. You're not a fan.

  • AV
    AV Ditë më parë +2

    No one's ever truly gone...including JarJar

  • BenJamin Debruyn
    BenJamin Debruyn Ditë më parë

    how in the name does Star Wars only have 2.7mil subs

    • NWO 2033
      NWO 2033 Ditë më parë

      BenJamin Debruyn Disney

  • Ace Spacey
    Ace Spacey Ditë më parë

    Disappointment: left the chat
    Hope: joined the chat
    Childhood: Rejoined the chat

  • Waffle Hound
    Waffle Hound Ditë më parë +1

    Still may be bad like the others. Thx Disney.

  • The Autstic custacean
    The Autstic custacean Ditë më parë


  • pika productions XD
    pika productions XD Ditë më parë

    oh Landon not Donald glover

  • pika productions XD
    pika productions XD Ditë më parë

    worried but also hyped

  • pika productions XD
    pika productions XD Ditë më parë

    possible. link to clone wars

  • Paul Chung
    Paul Chung Ditë më parë

    Finn's hair is lit

  • DeltaGem
    DeltaGem Ditë më parë +4

    Sue Wars: The Rise of the Soywalker

  • Fuckbag Felix
    Fuckbag Felix Ditë më parë +2

    I hope it isn’t as garbage as the last one

    • Smee Self
      Smee Self Ditë më parë

      I hope you whinners get you you tube accounts deleted by mummy.

  • Ty Zollinger
    Ty Zollinger Ditë më parë +5

    No I love star wars

    • Smee Self
      Smee Self Ditë më parë

      +Aman M S I think it was ' No, (they are ending)?'

    • Aman M S
      Aman M S Ditë më parë

      I don't understand. Are you saying that you don't love star wars? The "no" in your comment has confused me

  • Chibareeba
    Chibareeba Ditë më parë +4

    Lando Calrissian: My return will be the most anticipated!

    Emperor Palpatine: *Are you threatening me?*

  • Ryder Klein
    Ryder Klein Ditë më parë

    Does anyone know any tracks that have the melody in the second half of the trailer?

  • ramelep
    ramelep Ditë më parë

    ⭐️🌟⭐️✨⭐️☀️☀️⭐️⭐️IM READY🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💫✨

  • Otha Bojangles
    Otha Bojangles Ditë më parë +2

    Disney is flushing Star Wars down the toilet 🚽

  • Joseph Sonners
    Joseph Sonners Ditë më parë +1

    If it's heavy breathing, must be star wars

  • Tess Campbell
    Tess Campbell Ditë më parë +1

    People who gave this a thumbs down was like OMG this is AMAZING, had to turn their phone upside down and like it again

  • TheLiquidpower
    TheLiquidpower Ditë më parë

    "Sod the blasters, I'm going for the cheeky Roadkill!"... also why would they let the opportunity to give Rey a double bladed lightsaber pass? She's insufferable but when she started with her staff I had hoped it was foreshadowing.

  • Sakatakenshin
    Sakatakenshin Ditë më parë +2

    And so the shooting of my favourite dog comes to an end. What a soulless, nostalgia driven and creatively bankrupt put down this was of my once beloved franchise. Rest in peace dearest SW. Gone are the days when I wore a bucket over my head and pretended to breath like darth vader.

  • Koibito The Scrublord
    Koibito The Scrublord Ditë më parë +1

    Serious question guys. Why is Marey Sue's mouth ALWAYS opened?
    Does she not know how to breathe though her nose?
    Are her teeth too big for her mouth?
    I literally never seen her with her mouth closed for more than 10seconds.

  • LJacome
    LJacome Ditë më parë

    Can't wait for see it in a pirate DVD!!!

  • Njord Daniel Cinense
    Njord Daniel Cinense Ditë më parë

    *Gabriel Garcia celebrating*

  • The Geordie, the Witch and the Wench

    Rey is the best looking Jedi ever..... mouth open or shut ;-)

    • TRXP RFT
      TRXP RFT Ditë më parë

      +LoliPoppin pornhub....

    • LoliPoppin
      LoliPoppin Ditë më parë +2

      I feel like I’m missing a decent joke here.

  • thegamepro roblox & more
    thegamepro roblox & more Ditë më parë +3

    No ones every really gone.

    *Snokes body floats back together*

  • Nicholas RL Hawkins
    Nicholas RL Hawkins Ditë më parë

    Oh look, JJ Abrams recycling again

  • brettistoocoolforschool
    brettistoocoolforschool Ditë më parë +2

    It's Disney, it's going to be terrible. Don't get your hopes up.

  • Lt.Horse3D
    Lt.Horse3D Ditë më parë

    Bro is it just me or is this bringing me some Star Wars episode 6 vibes

  • Zachary Riley
    Zachary Riley Ditë më parë +1

    The only good thing about this trailer was Lando and the emperor

  • Jared Ecken
    Jared Ecken Ditë më parë

    if your jaw didn’t drop when you heard papa palpatines laugh you’re favorite movie is attack of the clones