Luxury Modern Small Home Built In Suburban Backyard

  • Publikuar 12 Pri 2019
  • Hidden in the back yard of a bustling suburban neighbourhood is a remarkable small family home. A sanctuary and haven designed to give the family a better quality of life, and yes, the swimming pool is larger than their house.
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    Wanting something different for their family, Dan and Marnie were inspired by tiny houses and minimalism and wanted to choose a different lifestyle for their family. With a large backyard, the couple decided to construct a new, small home for themselves to enjoy.
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    The design of this small home, located in Sydney is modern and perfectly suited to Australian life. Centred around outdoor living and the fantastic feature swimming pool, this home utilises some very clever small space design ideas inspired by the tiny house movement to create a compact home which is functional, beautiful and perfectly meets the needs of this young family.
    I hope you enjoy the video tour of this luxury small home. You can follow the journey of this minimalist family via their instagram: and vis their website:
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    Music in this video by Bryce Langston:
    Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langsyton
    Camera: Bryce Langston & Rasa Pescud
    Editing: Rasa Pescud
    'Living Big in a Tiny House' © 2019 Zyia Pictures Ltd
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Komente • 2 064

  • Roxanne C.
    Roxanne C. 18 orë më parë

    The only thingI don't like, the bedroom , it is so tight for the children. It will be very tight in 5 years.

  • Ever García
    Ever García 20 orë më parë


  • Katie Krachenbergs
    Katie Krachenbergs 20 orë më parë

    Isn’t this just an apartment

  • Jitan Reang
    Jitan Reang 21 orë më parë

    Hi i am from India Ooo what a house what’s the cost of the house sir

  • Deemond H
    Deemond H 22 orë më parë +2

    Beautiful house. But check
    out @ 13:54 and I really wish
    they would not have had
    that doll there. It is a very
    unpleasant caricature
    to people of my racial
    background. 🤦🏿‍♀️

    • Green NVy
      Green NVy 19 orë më parë +1

      Deemond H
      I agree! That golliwog doll has a very
      racist history that many people
      in the comment section seem to be
      blind at recognizing.

  • Khurshid IsHere
    Khurshid IsHere 23 orë më parë +1

    Only one bathroom

  • Linen Gray
    Linen Gray 23 orë më parë

    Only a couple of things. First no pool safety for young children. The tree behind them must be a bear for keeping the pool clean. Last how do you keep Australian critters out of such an open house? The cat makes it look like they built the house for it. I cannot wait until they have two teenage daughters fighting for that bathroom.

  • Pumpkinbeautyx
    Pumpkinbeautyx Ditë më parë

    This is so great

  • Nima Diki
    Nima Diki Ditë më parë

    Wow Such an amazing 🏡 house

  • fzzypurpleturtle
    fzzypurpleturtle Ditë më parë

    I’m so jealous of that home! Whoa!

  • Kate VRob
    Kate VRob Ditë më parë

    Pool party

  • Mario
    Mario Ditë më parë

    really cool, but how would the kids live up there when they grow older?

  • Deniz Uzun
    Deniz Uzun Ditë më parë

    Where is the building code mandated laundry tub and washing machine? Since it's not an apartment is this categorized as a Granny Flat?
    Asking for a friend...

  • Truong Anh Thu
    Truong Anh Thu Ditë më parë

    Small house, that's such a cool idea

  • Bigdangleeballs
    Bigdangleeballs Ditë më parë

    I would never give up my very large house for a pokey shoe box like that. My bath is bigger than their paddling pool.

  • Raquel Sioson
    Raquel Sioson Ditë më parë

    So amazing house love it

  • Cristina H
    Cristina H Ditë më parë

    Best tiny house ever, lovely home, lovely family

  • Tyler Leyden
    Tyler Leyden Ditë më parë

    400k? Holy shit

  • Jacob T
    Jacob T Ditë më parë

    I love this house in general not just as a tiny house, it's perfect. It has such a calming vibe to it, I love how it connects to the outside too and the pool with that big window.

  • architecc LP
    architecc LP Ditë më parë

    Love that place!! But I think it will be inconvenient for the kids as they grow older ... like I need a lot of place when I study
    I would totally get it if I grow older tho

  • flying goat child of Clorox bleach

    This is very awesome

  • Jaimon George
    Jaimon George Ditë më parë

    Price for the construction ?

  • De U
    De U Ditë më parë +28

    This works right now. but may no longer be suitable as the kids grow.

    • ThisIsMyFullName
      ThisIsMyFullName 18 orë më parë

      They could easily make an extra room next to the kitchen, by simply moving the dinner table and grill up to the little green area, where the two large beanbags sit, and then extend the roof out further. The current children bedroom could then be made into one large room.

    • Mikayla Bentley
      Mikayla Bentley Ditë më parë +3

      All that they have to do is maybe add on an extra room. That's what most tiny house owners do.

  • King Khay
    King Khay Ditë më parë

    Wow, i love the idea and the outcome of their house, it makes me want to think of the building mine too
    Good work, i love how you explore different ideas that people have done

  • Valentin Garcia
    Valentin Garcia Ditë më parë

    I think this is one of the nicest tiny houses I have seen on here, and I usually don't like th modern look, but this is so pretty and the space is so well utilized and kitchen so functional while at the same time bringing the outdoors in.. or should I say the inside to the outdoors... I am retired and think that I am going to build something like this.. very nice ! and they seem like such nice people and how they have accommodated their children is so cool ! bravo ! & God bless them.

  • Wolfie _and_Sugie
    Wolfie _and_Sugie Ditë më parë

    wow um.. I’m just gonna build this on Bloxburg

  • Z'Nyce London
    Z'Nyce London Ditë më parë

    This was totally awesome.....everything they needed and all in a compact way.
    All the individual pool!

  • Wade B
    Wade B Ditë më parë

    I wonder if the ROI was worth it? How much to built and how much they get after taxes and insurance from rent?

  • Rilo Kiley
    Rilo Kiley Ditë më parë

    Does anyone know where I can get the floor tile at 9:16?

  • The Gaming Ninja
    The Gaming Ninja Ditë më parë

    not a big fan of this house tbh

  • Santos Lewynn
    Santos Lewynn Ditë më parë

    So many things great about the house but the one negative thing is the lack of space for the bedrooms, especially for the kids. Kids grow up and faster than you think. They need their space and privacy. This can't be a long term arrangement. They should have taken away just a few square meters more from their pool area to make some extra space for the kids. Considering the placement, it still can be done in the future.

  • ddb
    ddb Ditë më parë

    Not related to this vid, but you should do an update on your tiny house and your own experience, adjustments, pros and cons, etc. maybe things you would do differently and things you think you really nailed. Would appreciate it

  • Mike F
    Mike F Ditë më parë

    That woman seems like an amazing mum :) it looks as though they both live for the children 💙

  • Jennifer Caffrey
    Jennifer Caffrey Ditë më parë

    What did they do with the larger house they used to live in, at the front of their plot? Does renting it out cover part of their mortgage, maybe?

  • Pikachu
    Pikachu Ditë më parë

    Lot of our food comes from our home = less than 1%

  • Helpful IT Tutorials
    Helpful IT Tutorials Ditë më parë

    Wow! What a great living space! It's amazing how much thought has gone into the design.

  • Lindsey Fetter
    Lindsey Fetter Ditë më parë

    I love this I just wish it was not as plain in the kitchen

  • Squares
    Squares Ditë më parë


  • Sarah Robbins
    Sarah Robbins Ditë më parë

    Did anyone notice the ‘gollywog’ doll at 13:14?

    • Green NVy
      Green NVy 19 orë më parë

      Sarah Robbins
      I did and am surprised that most people
      have not noticed it or place inexcusable
      defense of that racist symbol by comparing it to a raggedy Anne doll.

  • Laura And The Titanic
    Laura And The Titanic Ditë më parë

    I think their house is cool, sort of reminds of the family swiss robinson treehouse, but the only drawback is with kids, it's fine when they are wee, but as they get older, it's gonna be harder to make the space work for them. It's a shame aswell as they have put a lot of effort into making the space theirs but I don't think they would be able to live in it 10 years from now.

  • VideeoJunkee
    VideeoJunkee Ditë më parë

    So how much did it cost to build??

  • Atheria PsychicGal
    Atheria PsychicGal Ditë më parë

    My question is, when you live in a camper trailer or tiny house, how do you NOT get your home stolen if you need to unhook it from a vehicle to run errands, etc.? Anyone could pull up to your tiny house or trailer, hook up, and tow it off. It seems you'd need to park it in some secured area (like this one featured) unless you wanted to guard it 24/7.

  • XAVI B
    XAVI B Ditë më parë

    the window in the kitchen is perfect is what i need. lovely space

  • tony landi
    tony landi Ditë më parë

    Where can you buy the window with the gas jacks?

  • Fresh4rmTrap
    Fresh4rmTrap Ditë më parë

    How much did this cost total??

  • red pepper
    red pepper Ditë më parë

    i want it. so bad, so amazing, i wish them happiness in that gorgeous living space. my husband wants a house that is 5 bedrooms, and i want a tiny house like this, i feel this is a real palace.

  • Ferocious_Snail Roswell
    Ferocious_Snail Roswell Ditë më parë

    Wouldnt them girls beds be hot as fuck small space (just a bed) and a fucking window the same God damn size as the space. In Australia too? Jesus that seems quite dumb to me

  • Alom Miah
    Alom Miah Ditë më parë

    How much does it cost to build up this house?

  • bodza
    bodza Ditë më parë

    Stunning!! Absolutely love it! Where can we find such bean bags that they have in the living room? Thank you Guys!

    • bodza
      bodza Ditë më parë

      Thank you Marnie! :)

    • Marnie Prowse
      Marnie Prowse Ditë më parë

      They are Ambient Lounge 😊

  • duikmans
    duikmans Ditë më parë

    What a fantastic house! I'm officially jealous.

  • Mego Stop
    Mego Stop Ditë më parë

    Australia has all the great architecture I love

  • makr
    makr Ditë më parë +1

    This house is stunningly beautiful with that pool and those little carved out living spaces.

  • morning ristretto
    morning ristretto Ditë më parë

    I wonder where they do they do the laundry?

  • folkraider
    folkraider Ditë më parë

    In approximately ten years the girls are gonna hate their "rooms"....

  • Thea Monica Marquez
    Thea Monica Marquez Ditë më parë

    It looks like a Sims 4 build

  • Cherry Mac
    Cherry Mac Ditë më parë

    Very beautiful home

  • S Rowe
    S Rowe 2 ditë më parë

    It _is_ a very clever design, and one that shows a tremendous amount of planning and space optimization. And while $400K AUS ($286K US) is very expensive for a 340 sq. ft. home and pool, it's likely not as outrageous in the hyper-inflated Sydney real estate market. And to get such a lovely, whimsical, simple-to-maintain dwelling and pool out of it all is something few other homeowners in the surrounding neighborhood can claim.

  • stickontheice
    stickontheice 2 ditë më parë

    400K tiny home?!?

  • Ila Khan
    Ila Khan 2 ditë më parë

    Really amazing house - I'm curious to see how the bedroom works for the girls when they're both teenagers

  • Denise K
    Denise K 2 ditë më parë

    What a great house! I really liked all of the space saving ideas they had throughout. Thanks for sharing

  • Mike Stewart
    Mike Stewart 2 ditë më parë

    Love that. So cool for relatively small money. Got the income from the house to pay down the mortgage quicker, reckon these guys have got life sorted.

  • Prince Live
    Prince Live 2 ditë më parë

    Much better than the 10M dollars houses in LA.

  • Trent Derby
    Trent Derby 2 ditë më parë

    400k for that tiny space....i could build 2 full size homes and a fibreglass pool for that much!!! Ripoff max

  • E T
    E T 2 ditë më parë

    400,000? Did I hear it wrongly?

  • Tsar
    Tsar 2 ditë më parë

    Now this is what you call "LUXURY ON BUDGET" fuck 50cents house !!! these guys nailed it

  • roseyouttactrl
    roseyouttactrl 2 ditë më parë

    Was liking this video until I saw the golliwog doll on the shelf in the little girls room.

  • Paulinha
    Paulinha 2 ditë më parë

    Wow! This is real luxury! Great ideas for my future tiny house !

  • DICE N
    DICE N 2 ditë më parë

    12:50 need more of that

  • Shagith shagithyan
    Shagith shagithyan 2 ditë më parë


    S.G.M CREATIONS AND TUTORIALS 2 ditë më parë +1

    Wow so cute and beautiful house and well organized

  • Balancatraca
    Balancatraca 2 ditë më parë

    so the kids play under the bed and the parents in the top of the bed :D

  • Justwantahover
    Justwantahover 2 ditë më parë

    Not big enough for 400 grand. At that price couldn't you at least have a decent kid's bedroom?

  • esikazemese
    esikazemese 2 ditë më parë

    Love their house, just the lady's voice is hurting my ears :D So wait, in 3 years, the bigger girl won't even be able to climb upstairs, and where is the other one going to sleep?

    NIG WARD 2 ditë më parë +1

    Is it just me or does the house look very cozy

  • Αθηνά Χρήστου
    Αθηνά Χρήστου 2 ditë më parë

    You’re the new Marie Kondo! Inspired

  • Disheartened6
    Disheartened6 2 ditë më parë

    Now this is cool👍👍👍👍

  • E V
    E V 2 ditë më parë

    Finally! A tiny home that's actually feels like a HOUSE, not a cute shoebox. Nice. (Still too small for me but very lovely)

  • xrayhatchSteph
    xrayhatchSteph 2 ditë më parë

    💕I love it💕

  • apples2apples
    apples2apples 2 ditë më parë +1

    So NO ONE wants to mention the GOLLIWOG BLACKFACE DOLL AT 13:13 ????....YIKES poor taste for a children's room...guess the apple does fall to far from the tree, but parents kick it back huh?...

    • Green NVy
      Green NVy 19 orë më parë

      Yep and some people are coming out of
      the wood work in the comment section
      of defending it or comparing it to a Raggedy Anne doll! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Brenda M
    Brenda M 2 ditë më parë

    Gorgeous house but I feel like they'll outgrew it when the kids get older. And did anyone else think Harry potter when they saw the kids "rooms"?

  • Dollar Menu
    Dollar Menu 2 ditë më parë

    $400,000 🤯

  • Shafiya Khatoon
    Shafiya Khatoon 2 ditë më parë

    I love this house

  • Annie Gill
    Annie Gill 2 ditë më parë

    Wow! 👀👁👀👁. A real dreamer of a home! Neat layout! Thankx Bryce.

  • mommabear Norton
    mommabear Norton 2 ditë më parë

    Thank you for sharing your birthday Evelyn**. Hope I spelled your name correctly. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful family. Best birthday wishes for you. Such a beautiful young lady.

  • Seastorm 1978
    Seastorm 1978 2 ditë më parë

    I love the house! The Pool, the bedrooms, but the living space with the BIG window is the best!

  • lostzack
    lostzack 2 ditë më parë

    This is absolutely brilliant and stunning 😍
    I want one so badly ...

  • D_N
    D_N 2 ditë më parë

    I wonder if it's possible to expand small home underground. It would be cool with secret rooms & stuffs

  • My Reality
    My Reality 2 ditë më parë

    One of the best I have seen. Love the pool.

  • kyrakate aa
    kyrakate aa 2 ditë më parë

    This is the best house I've seen so far this year

  • John Edwards
    John Edwards 2 ditë më parë

    Its great for a weekend house but to live in that space 7 days a week would be hard for me... Its a pool house.

  • Sherre Mullins
    Sherre Mullins 2 ditë më parë

    What a sweet family! Cool couple..I love this home!

  • EllieRay
    EllieRay 2 ditë më parë +1

    So what the fuck is up with that racist-ass golliwog doll at 13:10? These people are fucking disgusting.

    • Green NVy
      Green NVy 19 orë më parë

      Agree! And what makes the situation even more disgusting is that you have
      some people in this comment section defending it by comparing it to a Raggedy Anne doll! I tell you some people! Ugh!

  • Sophie Rajakariar
    Sophie Rajakariar 2 ditë më parë

    But I love this idea. Looks amazing.

  • Sophie Rajakariar
    Sophie Rajakariar 2 ditë më parë

    They didn’t show laundry area

  • curly.essdeen
    curly.essdeen 2 ditë më parë

    This family must have moved out as the property can be hired for events and it is soon going to be an air bnb property.

  • Earthy Mountain Spirit
    Earthy Mountain Spirit 2 ditë më parë

    The end of this video was wonderful! :) Holding the unicorn and everything, Bryce! :) What a beautiful home.

  • K3VYK3V1
    K3VYK3V1 2 ditë më parë

    ..3:35 "a lot of our food comes from our house", really?

  • Red Clay
    Red Clay 2 ditë më parë

    Hey Vsauce Michael here

  • Summer Aquarius
    Summer Aquarius 2 ditë më parë +2

    Being minimalist is indeed great! I so love the house... They really did an excellent job! 😉 Good job Bryce! You always amaze me everytime you featured tiny houses..😊😁

  • Jessica Alexander-Lillicrap
    Jessica Alexander-Lillicrap 2 ditë më parë

    New dream home