The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained

  • Publikuar 14 Pri 2019
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    Inside neutron stars we can find the weirdest and most dangerous substance in the universe: Strange matter. What is strange matter, how dangerous is it and what can it tell us about the origin of the universe?
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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    • Tanmay Tare
      Tanmay Tare Ditë më parë

      Can a neutron star become a black hole ?

    • 50złマン
      50złマン Ditë më parë

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Japanese sub pls😭

      COLLEGE DUDE Ditë më parë

      I will! Im going to learn how to animate as good as you guys

    • Sarah Menkes
      Sarah Menkes Ditë më parë

      Saswat Sarangi I think the video might be flawed, and wow you are observant!

    • Sarah Menkes
      Sarah Menkes Ditë më parë

      Naveen Kumar Its an even number (sorry)

  • Curious Conqueror
    Curious Conqueror Ditë më parë

    So you're saying if some mad scientist creates strange quarks by accident the whole earth is gonna die? Pls don't :(

  • Elias Montoya
    Elias Montoya Ditë më parë

    Thank you, now let me hide under the rug

  • ParadiseDM
    ParadiseDM Ditë më parë +1

    Ебучая русня как всегда опять нихуя не сделала субтитры. Не зря руские и росия купаются в гавне!

  • Jai Dev
    Jai Dev Ditë më parë

    Then why does it not turn a neutron star into one made of strange star ? How is it 'contained' within the star ?

  • WGG25
    WGG25 Ditë më parë

    how much energy could we squeeze into neutrons with the LHC or an even bigger construct, compared to the energy requirements to create strange matter?

  • Cwietu Noname
    Cwietu Noname Ditë më parë

    Quack matter.

  • marcos nolasco
    marcos nolasco Ditë më parë

    Hi kurzgesagt, its' me, your neighbor on the nutshell. can you pls explain whats the liquid drop model, or how it has been invented? tankss!

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  • Some Random Person Who’ve You Probably Never Met

    These suns are some pretty deadly lasers.

  • andrew zuo
    andrew zuo Ditë më parë

    Oh, so strange matter is like the GPL license.

  • MaxiCreep
    MaxiCreep Ditë më parë

    This is really kinda like Homestuck with The Greensun

  • Christian Garban
    Christian Garban Ditë më parë

    Your mercy just arrived! I am more than amazed by the beauty and the quality of the merchandise and the speed of the delivery. You are the absolute best! Would totally recommend further

  • ALM
    ALM Ditë më parë

    Are neutron stars plusars too? Or are they two different things?

  • Eghan HD
    Eghan HD Ditë më parë +1

    Wouldn't the Strange matter turn the neutron star into Strange matter too?

  • AlphaBanjaxedBanshee
    AlphaBanjaxedBanshee Ditë më parë

    Strange matter: Irishlives

  • AlphaBanjaxedBanshee
    AlphaBanjaxedBanshee Ditë më parë

    Strange matter is the best thing ever and you fuckers are lying about it just because you're scared of Irish green

  • Kusogaki
    Kusogaki Ditë më parë

    When Einstein first theorised dark matter, it seemed so absurd that even he thought it was stupid. I'm starting to see the same thing with strange matter here.

  • rhodokartillery aka afrika
    rhodokartillery aka afrika Ditë më parë

    this reminds me of the replicators

  • Lucas Lima Coutinho
    Lucas Lima Coutinho Ditë më parë

    I love Kurzgesagt videos. Thank you! Here are some ideas: Time Dilation, Car's History, Satellites Technology, Industrial Revolution's, Atomic/Quantum Manipulation of Matter, Time as a human artificial construction, Tardigrades, Deep Ocean Life/Secrets.

  • SCP Türkiye
    SCP Türkiye Ditë më parë

    i love science and physics

    but my math sucks

  • Straw Hat Guy
    Straw Hat Guy Ditë më parë

    Cute birbs good sir.

  • francis casedo
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    ILGVARSBOSS Ditë më parë

    Amazing music

  • Wasay Abid Abbas
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  • Justin C.
    Justin C. Ditë më parë

    I came here for positive things that can improve science
    Now im in a existensial crisis why i didnt still die
    Thank you kurgasegt

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    CFKK Ditë më parë

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  • one way street
    one way street Ditë më parë

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  • one way street
    one way street Ditë më parë

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  • one way street
    one way street Ditë më parë

    There’s no fuck black hole asshole this world is fixed bitch

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    Nazar Issayev Ditë më parë

    Do I need to go to my f*****' university after watching this masterpiece?

  • Up North Prepper
    Up North Prepper Ditë më parë +2

    Literally everyone: "Ah, a channel fit for viewing by intelligent people such as myself."
    *Proceeds to suggest theory or video suggestion.
    You're all a bunch of *normies.*

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    zGunExpert Ditë më parë

    Top 10 things that could defeat Thanos with the infinity gauntlet in seconds...

  • THR33
    THR33 Ditë më parë

    It would only make since if stranglets are black matter it would take the perfect stable energy source to hold everything in place and stay there

  • Grace Jacobs
    Grace Jacobs Ditë më parë

    You mean right now one could be...

  • Cisko Stituation Organization

    Wait, if strange matter is so infectious, wouldn’t it infect the rest of the neutron star? Not just the core?
    And if it is so stable, why do strange quarks decay the other quarks?

  • HarithThePro 2019
    HarithThePro 2019 Ditë më parë

    What Happen If We Nuke A Star Or Black Hole

  • SkyWolf 2
    SkyWolf 2 Ditë më parë

    Now im scared of strange atoms wait... WAIIT... IS THAT?!?!?!...


  • Eagle’s Nest
    Eagle’s Nest Ditë më parë

    Oh I get it... they make up nonsense theories so they can sell you shit to help explain their nonsense. The scam is brilliant, not particularly their “SCIENCE” (infinite echoes)

  • Melody Snowflake VA
    Melody Snowflake VA Ditë më parë +2

    Thank you for this, I've been really interested in strange matter for years but could not find much information on it including where it came from. Now I feel enlightened

  • Vensevenn
    Vensevenn Ditë më parë

    I know why it takes it takes to him to upload so much: Rendering in after effects your video (around 3-20 hours every video)

  • Jamie Mathews
    Jamie Mathews Ditë më parë

    What would happen if 2 black holes collided

  • Eagle’s Nest
    Eagle’s Nest Ditë më parë

    This video is probably a new level of bullshit that scientists will one day laugh at how super dumb we didn’t know we were. You’re explaining a fictional ‘strange matter’ so you can further lobotomize the fools who still worship “Science”. Wake up y’all. These guys, and ladies, are just making shit up at this point.

  • SorryThisIsAChristianServerSoNoSwearing

    that animation tho wtf

  • Vince
    Vince Ditë më parë

    I love this episode. I had never heard of strange matter.
    I have a couple questions though:
    I also was thinking that while you say that it would be infectious, we have never witnessed such infection. And thus, we can sleep tight. However, can't that mean that there's something wrong with this theory, like strange matter isn't that stable? Or is it just that we think that neutron star collision is just incredibly improbable? Cause if such event started, the infection should exponentially accelerate, wouldn't it?
    Would these strangelets bend spacetime significantly around themselves?

  • FrozenLemur
    FrozenLemur Ditë më parë +2

    Kurzgesagt speaks lies for attention.

  • kAi lenG
    kAi lenG Ditë më parë

    the English Subtitles are different
    i have never seen that font format before in youtube...

  • Game Fish
    Game Fish Ditë më parë

    Earth: *i don't feel so good mr. stark*

  • Saoudi Massinissa
    Saoudi Massinissa Ditë më parë

    dahhhhhh it's pure theory and nothing was prooven even neutron stars existe in our galaxy and colide with each other all the time!!!!!!

  • John Nowak Kind Sir
    John Nowak Kind Sir Ditë më parë +1

    Did you just said Big Bang?

    *Salty Christians incoming*

  • Angelo Kadusale
    Angelo Kadusale Ditë më parë


  • Mansram Aizaz
    Mansram Aizaz Ditë më parë

    This isn't but It should be Fiction.

  • PowerfulBaker Gaming
    PowerfulBaker Gaming Ditë më parë

    2:24 Have you seen this guy Report

  • Nguyen Monat Son
    Nguyen Monat Son Ditë më parë

    Amazing content, once again. Thank you!

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    pAnane Tabury Osei Berko Ditë më parë

    You cool but your crazy

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    Suwin Khamchaiwong Ditë më parë

    0:31 that's dope

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    Conrad Ditë më parë

    Mooncake from Final Space anyone?????

  • Michelle Wong
    Michelle Wong Ditë më parë

    I am infinitely smart.
    I have 0 ego and infinite humility about my smartness

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    One of my favourite voices on the internet

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  • Shanan Thayaparan
    Shanan Thayaparan Ditë më parë +1

    What does kurzgesagt use to animate?

    AKASH. SIVAH. Ditë më parë

    So strange quarks are not stable but strange matter is!
    Btw we know that strange quarks are not stable. Have we experimentally created them and observed their decay or did we come to know that theoretically?
    If we did create them experimentally, wouldn't that be a problem? Or are strange quarks not a problem since they are not stable and don't convert other matter into strange quarks/matter unlike strange matter, which happens to be made from the very same strange quarks?

  • gaming beacon
    gaming beacon Ditë më parë

    Strange matter, anti matter , matter what will it be next?

  • Redstoneboi
    Redstoneboi Ditë më parë


    DIRTY TURBAN Ditë më parë

    Ancient astronaut theorists say yes.

  • Despayeeto
    Despayeeto Ditë më parë

    If strange matter just snaps matter into strange matter, where does the energy that the regular matter had go?

  • bla teo
    bla teo Ditë më parë +1

    the animation of this video is amazing

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw Ditë më parë +1

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  • 9YearOld
    9YearOld Ditë më parë

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  • Clark Dela Cruz
    Clark Dela Cruz Ditë më parë

    Oh yeah, i heard this in discovery channel, and also i thought that it was strangelits... Dang I'm an idiot

  • Lord Proteus
    Lord Proteus Ditë më parë

    *Abe Simpsons rushes in with a stake and hammer*
    "Quick! We have to kill the Neutron Stars!"

  • Lokez- G
    Lokez- G Ditë më parë +3

    I am always waiting for your videos😍

  • what
    what Ditë më parë

    if starangelets could turn it's surroundings to strange matter wouldn't all of the neutron star turn into stange matter.

  • Siddharth Shenoy
    Siddharth Shenoy Ditë më parë

    What would happen to a person if they were made of strange matter

  • basit the best boy
    basit the best boy Ditë më parë

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  • Russell Ng
    Russell Ng Ditë më parë +4

    I swear I heard "quack" right after the signboard for "quarks 101" was shown

    Oh no strangelets! We're all gonna dieeeeeeee!
    Nah, we were just converted

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    Harsh Kumar Ditë më parë

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    Harsh Kumar Ditë më parë

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  • Musashi Roche
    Musashi Roche Ditë më parë

    Could you tell us how quarks were made in the beginning of the Big Bang, and perhaps what they are made of, (that is if you know what they are made of)

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    Rosa Burau Ditë më parë

    Uhh new intro

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    first time i didn't skip a sponsored invideo ad

  • AMBEE 2772
    AMBEE 2772 Ditë më parë +5

    Strange matter is TIBERIUM. Wow Command & Conquer was right...

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    99999 00000 Ditë më parë

    You post this video a few videos after "Can you trust Kurzgesagt?" Something seems fishy here

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    nathanael thomas Ditë më parë

    Sorry but does anyone else find this a little “Strange”?

  • Dysfunction Al
    Dysfunction Al Ditë më parë

    I wish a strangelet would touch my brain so I can be mentally stable

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    pAceMaker Ditë më parë

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    Seems like strange matter is perfect for a high tech future/alien weapon in sci fi

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    WKML Broadcast Station Ditë më parë

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    siddharth singh rajawat Ditë më parë

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    COLLEGE DUDE Ditë më parë

    You are my favorite youtubers

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    Elias Beery Ditë më parë

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