• Publikuar 9 Mar 2019
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    There are certain people you do not want to mess with - they are incredibly strong, cool and look intimidating enough to scare any bully away.
    Such people are usually admired - from a distance. Today, we’ll tell you about people you definitely don’t want to upset. Ready for a daily dose of tough guys?

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  • Jay Snider
    Jay Snider 21 orë më parë

    Also withn 2.5 meter a trained knife fighter is n control even against hand gun

  • Jay Snider
    Jay Snider 21 orë më parë

    9mm stil is toughr

  • drschplatt
    drschplatt 22 orë më parë

    This video instantly moved into the moronic category by comparing these people to a ninja even though none of these people have any clue what a ninja actually was. Then there's the old Indian woman who quite clearly was practicing a performance art with no real combat value. The horse archer with the 5 lb draw weight bow was pretty funny too. Trick archery is all well and good, but it's kind of like being able to shoot rubber bands off your finger and hit things.

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M 22 orë më parë

    Any martial arts expert can be beaten by a tiny little girl.

  • connori_guess
    connori_guess 22 orë më parë

    That MF thought he was in Minecraft punching that tree

  • P Healy
    P Healy 22 orë më parë

    Nar... No disrespect. This is not what it's about.

  • XxxxX
    XxxxX 23 orë më parë

    well, i just shoot them and win!


    1:17 when you ran out of stick to make a torch

  • Thecatkingofcats 1
    Thecatkingofcats 1 Ditë më parë

    That guy that can break ice with his head......HE SHOULD STAR FOR THE JUGGERNAUT

  • Stu Baker
    Stu Baker Ditë më parë

    Didn't #1 get beat in a mma match? I swear I saw the video... Anyone else see this? I'll try to find it.

  • Thecatkingofcats 1
    Thecatkingofcats 1 Ditë më parë

    Man he be Mining dat wood fast

  • Dogan Tosun
    Dogan Tosun Ditë më parë

    Yet another shit list

  • jdsim9173
    jdsim9173 Ditë më parë

    Fancy moves of the 1st would be useless, but he has QCB fighting skills, which more than make up for flips.

  • X X
    X X Ditë më parë

    One 50 cent 9 mm bullet will defeat a lifetime of fight training.

    • drschplatt
      drschplatt 22 orë më parë

      Man, you're shopping in the wrong place if they're that expensive.

  • Tino L
    Tino L Ditë më parë

    That first guy should be in big budget movies if not mma.

  • Tino L
    Tino L Ditë më parë

    Poverty builds callousness.

  • FZ1 N
    FZ1 N Ditë më parë

    I would like to see a predator movie with those guyz

  • NahImGud
    NahImGud Ditë më parë

    3:20 pewdiepie will

  • Jomaldy Castillo
    Jomaldy Castillo Ditë më parë

    I hope that the 16 year old girl doesn’t get bullied, that’s a lot of bodies

  • TombRaver3 Farrah
    TombRaver3 Farrah Ditë më parë


  • john oneill
    john oneill Ditë më parë

    You don't want to mess with me if I ask you to pull my finger. Stay clear!!!!

  • Bien Crafts
    Bien Crafts Ditë më parë

    Where's Khabib in this list? Title should be changed to "9 people with fancy skills"

  • lee strong
    lee strong Ditë më parë

    So if these (so called) badass's are what they think they are. I got a few words for ya. Step up to the real world of a thing called MMA !! UFC is looking for guys like y'all for their meet grinder. So do ya think you got what it takes ? Got hair on your chest or feathers on your ass ? Ladies don't be shy your welcome too !! There's always people out there that think their bad and then there's bad for real... Which are you ?

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle Ditë më parë +1

    Jumping around like a monkey will get your ass kicked

  • Louis Naude
    Louis Naude Ditë më parë

    What is a world champion martial artist?

  • Saul Godman
    Saul Godman Ditë më parë

    Any UFC fighters in this video?

  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift Ditë më parë

    The first guy should be the new black panther

  • tom 8aginei
    tom 8aginei Ditë më parë

    FAKE LIST since I m not in !

  • Abdul.R Official
    Abdul.R Official Ditë më parë

    1:15 is the best

  • Lockdunn Unit WR
    Lockdunn Unit WR Ditë më parë

    Whatever happened to Vito on strength wars? He was the countdown guy.

  • HUCK stir
    HUCK stir Ditë më parë

    mma has proved what works and what doesn't in the martial arts world

  • Giorgi Gio
    Giorgi Gio Ditë më parë

    Bla bla bla

  • a cute boy
    a cute boy Ditë më parë

    what about the supreme leader?

  • spillemose
    spillemose Ditë më parë

    _don't mess with my mom past 8._

  • Cool Guy24
    Cool Guy24 Ditë më parë +2

    Realistically the best martial arts for street fights are freestyle wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

  • Christopher Jordan
    Christopher Jordan Ditë më parë

    What did the last girl accomplish? Don’t see why on this list

    GANESH PIKACHU Ditë më parë

    *GIGA UGURU* I believe no one will be able to beat him, he's damn fast...I'm quite Impressed with his marvelous technique...🙏

  • SIDVIC1234
    SIDVIC1234 Ditë më parë

    what a load of bollocks

  • Scott Williams
    Scott Williams Ditë më parë

    Ice breaker is fake. Used his arm LOL. You aren't walking away from using your head.

  • Scott Williams
    Scott Williams Ditë më parë

    Lol that German body builder is easy to beat... Just start running. You'll be safe in 2 blocks.

  • Scott Williams
    Scott Williams Ditë më parë

    Al that movement and it still can't stop a bullet. Your first mistake with these people is to let them get close.

  • Norman burns
    Norman burns Ditë më parë

    But can they stop a bullet? no i didn't think so

  • Niels Steen
    Niels Steen Ditë më parë

    8:28 he is using his shoulder to break the ice. NOT his head

  • sunidhi singh
    sunidhi singh Ditë më parë

    Where's Eminem?

  • sachin kumar
    sachin kumar Ditë më parë

    Batman can defeat all of them together

  • dragon gamezzz
    dragon gamezzz Ditë më parë

    7:38 when you just got a 6 for your test at school 😂😂🤣🤣

  • The Tin Golem
    The Tin Golem Ditë më parë

    Ok this top 9 SUCK
    This the truth list of people you don't want to mess with
    #9 Chuck Norris - defeated the Nazis
    #8 Barboach - that Pokemon like to steal girls
    #7 Kirby With A Gun - You never noticed
    #6 Segata Sanshriro - defeat Chuck Norris and Sega Mascot
    #5 Mario Mario - He can turn into a bullet in Mario cart and that scares me
    #4 Shaggy Roger - Can kill you with 1% of his power
    #3 Vin Diesel - family beats everything
    #2 Pewdiepie - He Has AN ARMY OF 9 YEAR OLD
    #1 CaptainSparklez - He beat up CallMeCarson
    Oh Yea that remind me
    Subscribe to CallMeCarson on ALclip

  • Sarah grace
    Sarah grace Ditë më parë +3

    My knuckles hurt just from watching the first clip.

  • Kedu Kedu
    Kedu Kedu Ditë më parë

    Stupid list the only person you should not be messing with is a person from special forces and a convict from solitary confinement.

  • Nissar Ali
    Nissar Ali Ditë më parë

    Came for guy in thumbnail. Disappointed.

  • Limewire
    Limewire Ditë më parë

    Did anyone else have the add before the vid talk about moving to Minnesota? Lol

  • kit gyro manlapaz
    kit gyro manlapaz Ditë më parë

    Go to ufc lol

  • Cleezy X
    Cleezy X Ditë më parë

    1:55 she??😂

  • Amar Kimbwe
    Amar Kimbwe Ditë më parë

    I think Giga uguru diserved to be a number one on my opinion cos he`s fast

  • stephen philip chukwudi
    stephen philip chukwudi Ditë më parë

    Finally I have been able to send me more than $6352 through this wonderful site

  • Ghost Erik
    Ghost Erik Ditë më parë

    So scared of indian grandma, she should be 1st place due to privilege pointe. You're misogynistic if you don't comply

    HAIL MGTOW Ditë më parë

    Minecraft memes 😂😂😂

  • mm 2018
    mm 2018 Ditë më parë

    Don't mess with John Wick or his dog 🐕

  • mm 2018
    mm 2018 Ditë më parë +3

    Dummies bags and floor don't hit back

    • Hitler Kun
      Hitler Kun Ditë më parë

      Ok then challenge gigs to a 1v1 fight? Peasant. 😂

  • abhinav hajra
    abhinav hajra Ditë më parë

    "We believe Danyela is right not because there's no reason to judge someone for their unlikely hobbies but mostly because it's not such a good idea to make fun of someone with amazing marksmanship!" xD

  • EzNess Prime
    EzNess Prime Ditë më parë

    The first dude watched all series of 3 ninjas

  • Alan H
    Alan H Ditë më parë

    Bet who can shoot that girl

  • Fredrik Björk
    Fredrik Björk Ditë më parë

    Stop talking.

  • Mr3344555
    Mr3344555 Ditë më parë

    Guy in the thumbnail would get taken down so quickly. Weight training and an AK tattoo doesn't equate survival training and being trusted by your state to carry a firearm and protect citizens.

  • jongun kim
    jongun kim Ditë më parë +1

    中国键盘侠一打十,Chinese bilibili-boy one kill ten

  • Mya Buttreeks
    Mya Buttreeks Ditë më parë

    BTW, with rushed firearm law changes in NZ, young girls (and boys) like Danyela D'Angelo have being banned from participating.

  • SparklyHayley
    SparklyHayley Ditë më parë +1

    1:18 *Me playing mincraft* 😂

  • Mya Buttreeks
    Mya Buttreeks Ditë më parë

    Mindy. holy moly :D

  • sirdaddytopper
    sirdaddytopper Ditë më parë

    Partner: Honey, we need to go grocery shopping
    One of the nine: Can't babe, need to train
    Partner: You're always training. Why can't you make time for us
    OOTN: winter is coming blah blah blah
    Partner: I think we should see other people

  • jayram dahal
    jayram dahal Ditë më parë

    wow cool video nice ..

  • I Like Dogs
    I Like Dogs Ditë më parë +5

    I signed into Nickelodeon

    Without my parents permission

    Don't need with me 🧐

  • Shadow Slayer
    Shadow Slayer Ditë më parë +4

    0:56 Dude in the backgroung 😂

  • Chungas Fury
    Chungas Fury Ditë më parë

    The Toxic Avenger

  • Chungas Fury
    Chungas Fury Ditë më parë

    Harry S Truman

  • Morris Anderson
    Morris Anderson Ditë më parë

    Amazing, how the big ape, ran like a little monkey,, an wouldn't stay, an fight for his country,, an of course,, he, will, never return,, because,, the ape, is, afraid, he could get killed, by a woman,, He's a piece of shit,, Just saying,,

  • Chungas Fury
    Chungas Fury Ditë më parë

    George W Bush

  • Toby Blackburn
    Toby Blackburn Ditë më parë

    Jackie Chan shit

  • Nature guy
    Nature guy Ditë më parë

    I thought this was going to be something totally different 😂

  • Alex Craig Villcro
    Alex Craig Villcro Ditë më parë

    Lady fury deserves here

  • mourad cohen
    mourad cohen Ditë më parë

    first man in the vid, he is just dancing, he won't last 60 sec with the legendary kickboxer BADER HARI, Bader would kill him

  • Anton Olwage
    Anton Olwage Ditë më parë

    Let them then all go fight in MMA?!

  • Joseph Sankovich
    Joseph Sankovich Ditë më parë

    +TheJoeSankovich Check him out!

  • Facina
    Facina Ditë më parë

    I want to kick that old Indian bitch’s ass, then take a dump on her face. Slow motion moving, sword twirling, fly ridden cooch hooker.

    1SAVAGEYT Ditë më parë

    That thumbnail tho bro ........DAMN

  • D. WIZZY
    D. WIZZY Ditë më parë

    Dony mess with

    Fake default!!!

  • Ellie Barnes
    Ellie Barnes Ditë më parë

    Why aren't I in this video 😂

  • Bobby Ingram
    Bobby Ingram Ditë më parë

    what a joke....mostly small people flipping around!!.......if i get my hands on them.....well.....its over....

  • Kronickillness Nikolaos
    Kronickillness Nikolaos Ditë më parë

    And worse sin yet is ya didn't feature their chs or anything in the description no links etc smh this is about as lazy an op as my ch is lmao only it seems more pro n had more time effort etc put in but damn if I'm going to do it this way I'm a do it right ffs! I guess then just take these not as hate but constructive criticism. Cuz now I really want to go sub to a few of these n will need do the work myself featuring ppl is great but just do so in a way that directs us to them ya know. Makes sense seems like idk ask yourself what u want if u were the audience and decided that u wanted to go look into them or their content or something n what u would appreciate from the description as a viewer think of it from our perspective n what questions are you leaving us with ask urself that every video n if it seems relavtn add it to the description or annotations or a link etc etc ya get the point dead horse n all. And I'm out.

  • Kronickillness Nikolaos
    Kronickillness Nikolaos Ditë më parë

    Daniella is absolutely right and there's nothing sexier to a lot of the good men out there than a woman who can shoot! Who isn't afraid of guns who can handle herself and we also love to watch their jiggly parts handle that recoil baby lmao. And don't u deny it u know u know wtf I'm talking about guys n there's no shame were built to be attracted to that lmao.

  • L Ight
    L Ight Ditë më parë


  • Vince D'Souza
    Vince D'Souza Ditë më parë

    Bruce Lee could clobber Vito easily.

  • John Johnston
    John Johnston Ditë më parë

    Sorry, other than getting shot by the archer or the girl with the gun, my money is on Saenchai, Buakaw, Klitschko, Tension or GSP. Sorry folks...

  • Phoenix Lal
    Phoenix Lal Ditë më parë

    1:39 krillin is no. 9

  • mahua inurmouf
    mahua inurmouf 2 ditë më parë

    Inguun yoo is a living Sanji

  • Brian Scowcroft
    Brian Scowcroft 2 ditë më parë

    You have wasted your life making this video

  • Brian Scowcroft
    Brian Scowcroft 2 ditë më parë

    They will all die and no one will remember them

  • Brian Scowcroft
    Brian Scowcroft 2 ditë më parë

    Really does THIS matter? How about how many saints in the world there have been?

  • aka_ xFlamez
    aka_ xFlamez 2 ditë më parë

    Bro the guy did a backflip and I fucking flipped my phone

  • TheBluePanda
    TheBluePanda 2 ditë më parë +2

    I'm an out of shape 38 year old and I'm pretty sure I could take out the elderly Indian woman.

    • Nala Dragneel
      Nala Dragneel 23 orë më parë

      +TheBluePanda she may not look like much but Kalari fighters are not to be messed with. Even the British out casted them when colonization took place because they feared them

    • TheBluePanda
      TheBluePanda Ditë më parë

      :( +Nala Dragneel

    • Nala Dragneel
      Nala Dragneel Ditë më parë

      Lol no u can't

  • Foster Baird
    Foster Baird 2 ditë më parë

    Put Braun strowman on this list